Jim Bakker: Buy My Food Buckets Before Anti-Trump Riots Sweep The Nation

On Friday, televangelist Jim Bakker urged his viewers to buy his buckets of survival food, such as the “Tasty Pantry Deluxe Food Bucket,” because it may be impossible to find food after American...Read more

Heritage Foundation Launches New Attack on Regulatory Agencies

The Heritage Foundation, a massive marketing and lobbying force for right-wing policies that is likely to have huge influence in the Trump administration, has launched a new initiative designed to...Read more

White House Can’t Comment On Trump’s Tweets, He’ll Start Pouting And Quit Taking Obama’s Advice

The White House is not commenting on Donald Trump’s flag burning tweet because of worries that his feelings will be hurt and he’ll throw a temper tantrum. And if that happens, Trump may stop working...Read more

Jim Bakker Is Excited For Donald Trump To Usher In The End Times

During his “Black Friday” special last week, Jim Bakker continued to gush over Donald Trump and extol his election as president, but this time with a new twist: Trump, he said, may usher in the Last...Read more

HHS Nominee Tom Price Backed Extreme Anti-Choice ‘Personhood’ Bills

Rep. Tom Price, the Georgia Republican whom President-elect Donald Trump intends to nominate as secretary of health and human services, cosponsored at least two bills in Congress that aimed to...Read more

HHS Nominee Tom Price Wanted Lawmakers To Study Fiscal Impact Before Passing Gay Rights Laws

President-elect Donald Trump announced this morning that he will nominate Republican Rep. Tom Price of Georgia to be secretary of health and human services. Along with his fierce opposition to the...Read more

David Barton Says He’s A Victim Of ‘A Macro-Aggression’ That Attacks His Faith And Right To Free Speech

On his “WallBuilders Live” radio program today, Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton claimed that he is the victim of “macro-aggression” because people criticize him for his anti-LGBT views...Read more

Flag Crusader Donald Trump Doesn’t Know What The 13 Stripes Represent

This morning, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that burning the American flag should be punishable by “loss of citizenship or year in jail!” In an interview last year, Trump said that flag...Read more

Donald Trump believes burning the American Flag should be punishable by jail or loss of citizenship

For all those people who voted for Trump and said he's no different from Hillary Clinton . Enjoy! He needs to read the constitutions. Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag - if they do,...Read more

CNN Busted Trump In A Lie, So He Hate-Tweeted Them For HOURS

CNN, like the rest of the world, busted Trump in possibly his biggest lie — if we can gauge such things — since the election: that “millions” who voted illegally were the reason that Hillary Clinton...Read more

Trump Adviser Steve Bannon: It’s ‘Not Such A Bad Thing’ If Blacks Can’t Vote

Donald Trump’s newly named chief strategist, white supremacist Steve Bannon, thinks that not allowing African Americans to vote wouldn’t be “such a bad thing.” Julia Jones collaborated with Bannon on...Read more

New York Pre-K Teacher Fired Immediately Over Extremely Racist Facebook Post (IMAGES)

A substitute pre-Kindergarten teacher (not pictured) in New York was fired from her job after posting a racist rant on Facebook. Cassandra Elizabeth Sutton was working as a substitute prekindergarten...Read more

Right Wing Round-Up – 11/28/16

Sarah Posner @ Rolling Stone: ‘Radically Mainstream’: Why the Alt-Right Is Celebrating Trump’s Win. Zack Beauchamp @ Vox: What the alt-right actually wants from President Trump. Alex Griswold @...Read more

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 11/28/16

Rick Joyner says it is the mainstream media that is the main purveyor of fake news: “More people now look to Social Media sites, often going to several to get a more complete and accurate picture...Read more

Roger Stone: Trump May Try To Prosecute Clinton In Retaliation For Recount

In an interview today on “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone said that the president-elect may change course and try to prosecute Hillary Clinton now that her campaign has...Read more

Ted Cruz kicks off his 2020 campaign. With threats.

Well, that didn’t take long. Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet, and already the jockeying for positioning in the 2020 Primaries has begun. On the Republican side no less, with the incumbent...Read more

Michele Bachmann: Obama Supported ‘Genocidal Exodus’ Of Jews

After alleging that God delivered the election for Donald Trump in a divine miracle, ex-Rep. Michele Bachmann told End Times radio host Jan Markell in an interview last week that President Obama was...Read more

Anti-Immigrant Group With White Nationalist Roots Hopes To Guide Trump Immigration Policy

The anti-immigration group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) announced last week that it will be holding a press conference tomorrow to present a “step-by-step transition document”...Read more

Michele Bachmann: Trump’s Election Resembles Elijah’s Triumph Over The Prophets Of Baal

In an appearance on the End Times radio program “Understanding the Times” last week, former Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann once again declared that God secured Donald Trump’s victory in the...Read more

BREAKING: Jill Stein Follows Through, Officially Files For Recounts In Pennsylvania

Making good on her promise, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has officially filed for recounts in more than 100 precincts across Pennsylvania. Stein filed the paperwork for a recount in...Read more

David Barton: God Waited To Establish America Until We Got ‘Our Thinking Right On The Bible’

On his final television show before Thanksgiving last week, Glenn Beck sat down with right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton to discuss the “real” origins of the holiday and the founding of America...Read more

Rick Joyner: ‘If You Look At The Disciples That Jesus Chose, They Were All Donald Trump’

On his most recent “Prophetic Perspectives on Current Events” program, televangelist Rick Joyner declared that President-elect Donald Trump is a “tough as nails” leader who is also deeply...Read more

GOP State Rep.: Muslim-American Groups Leading An ‘Insurgency’ In US

Oklahoma State Rep. John Bennett joined End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles on his “Trunews” radio program last Tuesday to warn that American Muslim groups are leading an “insurgency in the United...Read more

Losing The Popular Vote Is Driving Trump Supporters To Absurd Arguments

The fact that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election despite winning the popular vote by over 2 million votes has forced Donald Trump and his Religious Right supporters to come up with some...Read more

Trump’s Voter Fraud Lie Shows Power Of Conspiracy Theories And Signals Future Attack On Voting Rights

Donald Trump’s obsession with conspiracy theories took a new turn last night, when the president-elect tweeted that he was in fact the real winner of the popular vote in this month’s presidential...Read more

White Trump Lady Has A MELTDOWN After Black Employee Asks Her To Pay For A Bag (VIDEO)

A shopper at a Michael’s store in Chicago totally lost her shit over having to pay for a $1 reusable bag and claimed she was discriminated against because she’s white. The unidentified woman launched...Read more

12 Reasons Jeff Sessions Should Never Be Attorney General

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Why Won’t Trump Fan Ann Coulter Stop Defending Nazis?

Seriously. Why does Ann Coulter defend Nazis? After all, if she really thinks they are irrelevant, why not just disavow them as the racist fascists they are? But that’s not what Coulter is doing...Read more

Trump Considering Anti-Gay Creationist Whackjob Jerry Falwell Jr. For Education Position

Donald Trump just can’t stop considering the worst of the worst for cabinet positions. Not even a week has gone by since Trump met with right-wing donor Betsy DeVos to discuss the position of...Read more

I am part of the millions who voted "illegally"

at least according to the tweet by Donald Trump that has now gone viral. I voted for Hillary Clinton . So did the vast majority of people who frequent this blog. But according to Trump, she should...Read more