The Florida vote for Scott helped Jeb be the nominee for the GOP

I have no proof of this but I do have high speculation that this is the  GOP strategy for 2016.  Why would all of that money be dumped into Florida for a pleader of the 5th?   Why would the republicans turn out in big numbers for Scott?  


Some Further Info on KY Election Results

It is being reported that the so called 60-65% predicted voter turnout for Jefferson County - the Louisville area full of Democrats - was actually only 47%


My Sunday Post


” Is the glass half empty or half full . . . or ? ”


UT-Sen: Lee (R) & Cruz (R. TX) Already Prepping To Delay AG Nominee Over 'Executive Amnesty'

Attorney General nominee, Loretta Lynch

These guys are the face of the new GOP-controlled Senate:


SD-Sen: Thune (R) Really Doesn't Want Loretta Lynch To Be Confirmed During The Lame Duck Session

So the battle for the next Attorney General is already brewing:


Kaci Hickox About To Emerge From Ebola Cacoon

Ebola panic in the US seems to have subsided considerably. There have been no new cases for about three weeks and with the election over there is less politics fueling the issue.


Time For Supreme Court Involvement?


Battle Brewing Between Republican Leadership And Tea Party


ISIS in Iraq: Bandar Bush's Psychos Slaughter Sunni Civilians. 220+ Murdered at Ramadi, 60+ at Hit

Didn't you just love it when President George W. Bush walked hand in hand with his favorite Saudi potentate ???


As I dust myself off... Veterans Day 2014


Gorbachev: New Cold War


So You Say You’re Pro Life ?


NV-Sen: LDS Bishop Claims Harry Reid (D) Isn't A Worthy Mormon


We Can't Separate Culture Issues From Economic Issues


OH-Sen: Rob Portman (R), "Paul Ryan would be great president"


Traditional America Is Ending? Really?

You Mean This Traditional America Is Ending?

Traditional American Indians, who were here first, and who have been fighting against genocide for over 400 years?


Immigration : Make your voice heard !


FL-Sen: Marco Rubio (R) To Announce Presidential Decision In The Upcoming Weeks

Here's something to look forward to:


All Illinois Democrats have to do for re-election is govern like Democrats

There's a simple lesson for Illinois Democrats from the Tuesday election. If you want to get re-elected as a Democrat in Illinois all you have to do is govern like a liberal Democrat.


UT-Sen: Mike Lee (R) Says GOP Lack Sweeping Legislative Mandate But Should Enact It Anyway


So Now What?


NC-Sen: Wired Explains How Pro-NSA Chair Richard Burr (R) May Not Be As Powerful As We Think


GA-Sen: Johnny Isakson (R) Wants To Get Rid Of The Nuclear Option


ISIS in Iraq: Bandar Bush's Psychos Start Slaughtering Sunni Civilians. 220+ Murdered at Ramadi

Didn't you just love it when President George W. Bush walked hand in hand with his favorite Saudi potentate ???


Was The Election Good News For Hillary Clinton?


I'm angry - and you aren't doing anything about it.


AZ-Sen: John McCain (R) 'Pleads' With Obama Not To Act Unilaterally On Immigration

Oh course he would:


Top Comments: Thank You Edition



What are the chances that the Democratic party will retake the Senate in 2016?


Predictable Political Analysis from the Usual Suspects

While waiting for a football or basketball game to come on TV, I end up listening to part of Hardball on MSNBC.