Trump's incoming administration is totally dysfunctional.

I have written before about the dysfunctional bent of Trump’s inner circle, pitting advisor against advisor, such as Bannon against Priebus for his oh so precious ear. I have opined that this will...Read more

Trump Is Giving His Evangelical Advisory Board Unprecedented Access To Help Shape His Administration

Back in June, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign announced the formation of an evangelical executive advisory board that was stacked with Religious Right activists, including Michele Bachmann,...Read more

Steve Deace Calls For ‘D-Day-Like’ ‘Cleansing’ To Stop ‘Rainbow Jihad’ That Wants ‘To Kill Us’

The Religious Right’s martyr-making machinery is in full gear after the publication of an ill-advised BuzzFeed story about the anti-LGBT views of the pastor of the church attended by a couple who...Read more

Not everyone lives in a reality-based community

as is becoming more and more evident — Alex Jones and Infowars, Gen. Michael Flynn and his son, and of course the twitterer-in-chief himself. The incident this past Sunday at Comet Ping Pong in DC...Read more

Will Trump's White House be a brokerage house? With a poll.

Walter Einenkel wrote an excellent DIARY yesterday talking about the possible stock shenanigans involving Trump’s sudden “bashing” of the Boeing Corporation over the cost of the new Air Force One...Read more

WATCH: Stephen Colbert And Joe Biden Give America A ‘Dad Lecture’ About Electing Trump (VIDEO)

As we approach the day Donald Trump will be sworn into office, we’re reminded constantly that we (meaning a minority of Americans and a system lobbied for by slavers at the first Constitutional...Read more

Do the Jan 3 deal, only expand it

David Waldman aka Kagro X has pointed out that when the Senate comes to order under the Presidency of Joe Biden on January 3, because those just elected have not been sworn in and those departing had...Read more

Midwestern American Doctors Mutilated Infant Girl’s Genitals In Christian Church Clinic

Female genital mutilation is often thought of as the type of horrific, regressive and unnecessary operation that only happens in developing countries. With no medical value to speak of and...Read more

Trump Is Now Marketing Secret Service Protection At Trump Tower As A Perk To Buyers

Donald Trump just added one more despicable item to the long list of things he will do for money, and this is about as slimy as it gets. Since we now know that Melania will be staying at Trump Tower...Read more

Right Wing Round-Up – 12/6/16

Inae Oh @ Mother Jones: Donald Trump Is Building a Team of Fake-News Lovers and Conspiracy Theorists. Jay Michaelson @ The Daily Beast: #Pizzagate Is the ‘Satanic Panic’ of Our Age—but This Time, the...Read more

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 12/6/16

Paul Hair calls upon Donald Trump to “nominate Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore to be the next secretary of state.” No, Hillary Clinton did not win just 57 counties in the presidential...Read more

Ohio Senate Passes Extreme Anti-Choice ‘Heartbeat Bill,’ Citing Trump Victory

UPDATE 12/7: The bill has passed the Ohio House and is now heading to Gov. Kasich’s desk. The Ohio state Senate passed a so-called “heartbeat bill” today that would ban abortion as early as six weeks...Read more

The SoS position is now more critical than ever.

I’ve learned to be careful what you say, it might just come true, but not in the way you thought. Last August I predicted that Trump would be the GOP nominee, a prediction that filled me with glee,...Read more

Breitbart Just Got F*cked Up By The Weather Channel: ‘Stop Using Our Video To Mislead Americans’

Last week, Breitbart News decided to twist a story from the Weather Channel into a climate change denying pretzel in an effort to prove to their readers that the earth is not getting warmer. But the...Read more

Pat Robertson: ‘Brilliant’ Ben Carson Is More Qualified Than Obama And ‘Bum’ Bernie Sanders

Televangelist Pat Robertson took issue today with criticism of Ben Carson’s appointment to be the next secretary of housing and urban development, insisting that Democrats shouldn’t attack Carson on...Read more

Pro-Trump Admiral: Only Way To Win Hearts And Minds In Middle East Is To ‘Kill Them Into Submission’

Retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, a conservative activist whose support President-elect Donald Trump boasted of during his campaign, told conservative radio host John Fredericks today that the only...Read more

RequIem for the American Dream

"We enter parliament in order to supply ourselves, in the arsenal of democracy, with its own weapons. If democracy is so stupid as to give us free tickets and salaries for this bear's work, that is...Read more

Linda Harvey On Opposing LGBT Rights: ‘It Will Be Seen That The Christian View Was The Right Side Of History’

Mission America’s Linda Harvey interviewed fellow anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera on her radio show last weekend, where the two discussed their shared concerns that the Republican Party is going...Read more

Trump Wants To Cancel Contract To Build Air Force One Because Boeing Wants Too Much Money (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has decided that the contract to build Air Force One should be canceled immediately because the price tag is just too high. In contrast, making New York City spend $1 million a day to...Read more

Joseph Farah: Trump Right About Illegal Votes, But I Have No Evidence

WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah declared today that Donald Trump’s bogus claim that millions of people voted illegally in the presidential election is actually true, while admitting that he has no...Read more

Trump Invested In The Company He Bribed To Keep Jobs In The United States

Trump, conservatives, and anyone else who lacks critical thinking skills, have all been celebrating Donald Trump’s sweetheart deal with Carrier that effectively bribes the company with millions of...Read more

Dakota Access Pipeline To Obama, The Army, And Native Americans: F*ck Off, We’re Building Anyway

President Obama and the Army Corp of Engineers finally put an end to the pipeline being protested by the Standing Rock Sioux, and a host of others, when they refused to grant the necessary easements...Read more

Obama Pens National Security Guide For Dummies So Trump Doesn’t Blow Up The F*cking World

President Obama is doing all he can to keep his crackpot successor from ushering in the apocalypse. On Monday, he released a memo to serve as a “National Security Guide for Dummies” in an effort to...Read more

Breaking- Pentagon buried study showing $125B in waste!

The story went live at The Washington Post this evening and is based on the paper’s access to internal documents, including the study. It is titled Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in...Read more

Breaking. Judge declares mistrial in Walter Scott murder case. Updated with additional info.

It’s official, the judge has just declared a mistrial in the case of Michael Slager, a former South Carolina police officer of shooting unarmed Walter Scott in the back as he fled a traffic stop...Read more

Twitter storm from Krugman reflecting on election results

that I think raises some interesting points for discussion. I offer the twelve tweets, and look forward to your response. x A lot of people seem to be settling on the narrative that Trumpism reflects...Read more

Eric Trump Opens His Mouth To Say Something EXTREMELY Stupid And The Internet Shuts Him Up HARD

This rich spoiled brat really should shut the f*ck up about wasting money. Eric Trump took to Twitter on Sunday and enraged everyone by claiming that the money raised to fund a legal recount for the...Read more

Once again,Charles M. Blow is a 'must read'

for his New York Times column this morning titled Trump’s Agents of Idiocracy . Blow begin with Trump’s “victory tour” which he notes seems to reinforce the minority of the voters who supported him...Read more

Trump Ally: We Don’t Know Hillary Doesn’t Sell Children For Sex Until Someone Proves Otherwise (TWEETS)