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Pushing Deregulation in the Name of Small Business? That’s Identity Theft


Running an auto repair shop, I know it’s important to have clear rules of the road for how and when to repair and maintain vehicles, and clear, justifiable emissions standards. These standards and...


Big Win for Obama on Voting Rights in Ohio


Ohio is one of many Republican-run states that have passed laws to restrict voting rights. But in Ohio, a crucial battleground state, Democrats have fought back . Organizers for the President and the...


Downshifting in Russian - fad or the real need of the soul?


A few years ago in the pages of the business press, a new word "Downshifting". What does it mean?


Why the blue bucket - the biggest threat to the authorities?


The most dangerous thing for the protest movement of the current authorities in Russia - the movement of the "blue buckets."


Review: Confidence Men by Ron Suskind

Pulitzer Prize winner Ron Suskind’s most recent work, Confidence Men , tears down the walls of the White House to readers to give an inside glimpse of President Obama’s handling of the domestic and...Read more



Well, it’s finally over. Herman Cain has suspended his campaign. And, sez I, GOOD RIDDANCE. Damn it, I really liked him, too – initially. Before he went off into StupidEconomicsLand, and...


Serial Adulterer Gingrich Beneficiary of Cain’s Adultery


12/2/11 Herman Cain faces the music today in a sit-down with his wife , following charges that he engaged in a 13-year extra-marital affair. The “Cain Train” may well be making its final stop...


Was the Queen Louise's lover of Napoleon?

July 7, 1807 on a raft, which cruised along the Neman, two emperors - Napoleon and Alexander I signed a world that is the name of the town in Eastern Prussia called Tilsit. This world for several...


Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna as was the fate of older granddaughter of Catherine II?

August 9, 1783 Maria Feodorovna, wife of Grand Duke Paul Petrovich, a daughter, who was named Alexandra. Who chose the name for the baby, guess easily: the grandmother, Catherine II had once...


Do you have children? Hunting for the stork

Citizen, begat a couple of kids, waiting for a bright future. It happens that some of us posopyat little, and give birth to himself Malyatko. At first, they all go tiny: little eyes, buttons, bald...


Why celebrate International Women's Day is March 8?


It would seem that such a popular holiday home and as well as dark and confused his history. The issue is not even, why do Women's Day (and why not?). And spring women, of course, love. But why is...


Zinovy ??foot: the elder brother of Yakov Sverdlov was the French Brigadier General?


October 16, 1884, 125 years ago, the wife of Moishe Nizhny cobbler Izrailevich Sverdlov was born first-born, who was named Yeshua Zalman.


A Politician's Politician


Henri de Floric (1911 - 1979) was, allegedly, a well-respected politician for much of his life. He was not affiliated to any party and represented a small constituency in the south-east of England,...


Who is the Mannerheim and how he was the line?


Carl Gustaf Mannerheim (Karl Gustav Emil Mannerheim) (1867-1951) was a Swedish nobleman from Finland and the cavalry officer in the Russian service. Officer fighting. He was made a colonel in the...


How to divide the island Damanski? Victims of the country mankurts


We left a little - We let our pain ... (Bulat Okudzhava)




If there is any more sickening spectacle these days than the Penn State disaster I have yet to see it. The worst thing about it, of course, is Mike McQueary’s supremely pathetic attempts to paint...




Once again, it’s time to play WEASELS ON PARADE! (le sigh) So many, MANY weasels, so little time. So, without further ado, I give you this month’s first set of weasels. WEASEL(S) OF THE WEEK #1: The...



(Buffalo Springfield, FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH) There's something happening here W hat it is ain't exactly clear (unfortunately, that isn’t...


Gov. Walker’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost


The recall of Scott Walker began at midnight last night. Recall supporters must collect 540,208 signatures to force the Wisconsin Governor to face a recall election. Walker’s overreach in pushing to...


Surging US national debt - What is the best debt relief option for the debtors


The US national debt has recently surpassed the debt ceiling and has reached a staggeringly high amount of $ 15 trillion. It has reached an unsustainable level and is dragging down the functioning of...


Bill O'reilly

Did you see the Factor tonight? Penn State is now "Really" an issue for Bill. Although a major part of the Constitution and American way of life is "Innocent until proven Guilty" but Bill loves to...


The Perils of Political Retirement (Manic Irrelevance Syndrome)


A good career politician probably passes away quietly while in office. By the time they reach the traditional retirement age they are probably doing very little of any use, but retirement means an...


That said "Iron Lady" about men and men about it?


Climb to the pinnacle of power in a country where male supremacy was considered almost a matter of course, it was worth to Margaret Thatcher's constant and purposeful struggle, and continuous self...


How does the democratic state?


There is an old myth, it is convenient for the executive power - the equality or equilibrium of the three branches of government.


Why Moshe Dayan called a legend?


"A lot of times do not spend a quarter of an hour, not otherwise So your dog's hunger is just vodka uymesh. I try to tell everything that had happened, unadorned, The truth will be just right. "...


Why 2101 - a year of great change?


Because the break will be all those who have not yet dolman. The state finally achieve the destruction of a small business taxes. Most small game hunting will end a good catch. Tens of thousands of...




I’ve lived in the same house in the same neighborhood for over 14 years. It took me 10 of those years to prove to the rest of the neighbors that I wasn’t a panting pervert, slobbering to pounce on...


Herman Cain's 999 Problem: Updated 11.7.11

Update: A fourth women has come forward:


Bill O'reilly

Mr O'Reilly or Mr O' Really! as he should be known has an excellent personality and is clever in a crude kind of way. He appeals to those people who think they are perfect and look down on anyone (or...


Occupy Oakland: A Tale of Two Movements


The Occupy Oakland protesters called for a general strike yesterday, expressing the frustration and anger felt by many Americans who see our country’s wealth shifting to the elite and our government’...