Why I'm Against Net Neutrality

President Obama expressed his strong support for net neutrality during his visit to China last month.  Here, briefly, is why I disagree.


Oh Poor Noah's Ark Theme Park! I Knew Thee Well!

One ray of sunshine among a litany of depressing political news this week was the announcement by Kentucky’s Tourism Arts & Heritage Cabinet Secretary Bob Stewart that Ken Ham's Noah's Ark theme park would NOT get 18 million dollars in tax payer subsidies from the state of Kentucky.


The Prosecutor and the Media


Police Unions And Public Accountability


Obama Plays Race Card -- And Wins

Like Jacob Marley's ghost whose chains were forged in life, link by link and yard by yard, could there be a better metaphor for the shackles Republicans have fashioned for themselves than their petulant calls to impeach the President or, better yet, to slam the Capitol's doors in his face sho


A Different Way To Think About #blacklivesmatter.

Welcome to Poplitickal!

The thoughts of a Neo-Pagan, Pop Culture loving geek, avid reader, and political junkie. Smush all that together and stir and you get Poplitickal, a spicy stew that doubles as a floor wax.


A More Violent America: Rising Support For Gun Rights

In the process of participating in the numerous discussions about police violence and black men I had been thinking about the connections to this and the battle over gun control.


NO To Omnibus



Why I Donated Money To Daily Kos

I had a gift subscription that I didn't go looking for. I just got an email informing me that I was being allocated one from funds donated to the site. Recently I got another email advising me that the gift subscription was about to expire.


The Secret Origin Of Poplitickal!


Scott Walker: Follow the Money and Misadventures


Cruel and Too Usual

Horrific and outrageous details come to light about America’s use of torture in interrogations, yet so many of us aren’t surprised by this news, and too many others still defend the actions.


Looking Left and Right: Let’s Stop Legislating Ignorance

This seems like a series of fairly simple questions:


Tormenting, Demonizing And Criminalizing Whistle Blowers . . . Are You Unwittingly Participating ?

( Image courtesy of clearingthefogradio.org )
What you don't know :

Top Comments: Dumbest Person on the Planet Edition (and it isn't a policitian) and Thanks



The Social Security is Neither

My grandparents were FDR Democrats. Not the type that put his picture up in the living room but serious about their love for the guy. When they talked to me about Social Security, they would always warn: “Don’t ever give your Social Security Number to anyone. "EVER".


Spending Bill Contains Hidden Language to Further Weaken Campaign Finance Laws

You knew something odious would be attached to the must pass Spending Bill. That bill, if not passed, will shut down the government.


Reflections On Writing Dairies At Daily Kos

I am putting a meta tag on this diary since it is about what happens on Daily Kos and my experience with it. However, my purpose is not to gripe and complain about the site or users that I don't like as is often the case with meta diaries.


PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 12/8/14 Edition

Received this e-mail from Decorated Admiral, former Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate, Joe Sestak (D. PA), regarding Tea Party U.S. Senator Pat Toomey's (R. PA) weekly newsletter:


Have Americans Become Hypocrites in the Propaganda War?

When ISIS fighters kill men, women and yes children we are rightly upset and disgusted with their actions. But we seem to be fine with our own propaganda war footage posted on YouTube and Network TV. Why?


Land of the Free?


Politicians, Security Administrators, Corporate Leaders, Crime And Fairy Tales And Thanks

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After release of torture report, the only thing Ted Cruz condemns is Democrats


Political News and Views! The Choice is yours!


Remember Rima Fakih ??? The GOPers' "Terrorist in a bikini" now a $58,000,000-a-year worldwide brand

Rima the Magnificent is the # 1 model in the world.

She's also the only winner of "Miss U.S.A." (2010) to make something of herself internationally.


KY-Sen: Rand Paul (R) Looks To Scandal-Ridden McConnell Campaign Manager For 2016 Run


Michigan Legislature Considering A Right To Withhold Medical Treatment For Gays

The US Supreme Court used the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act as the basis for its Hobby Lobby decision which allowed some private corporations to refuse to follow the ACA mandate for providing contraceptive coverage in health plans.


UVA Refuses To End Suspension Of Fraternities


Forty Days celebration brings 20,000,000 to Karbala, Iraq in January. 1,100,000 from Iran

This is a big deal.

The single largest religious gathering on the planet is going off in January, in Iraq, and with ISIS kicked to the curb.


Right Now, All Over America...

Conversations like this one are taking place. (Maybe. Okay, probably not, but maybe.)