Trump says he wouldn't lose any votes if he shot someone on 5th Ave.


Jeb says he is not his brother... - The O'Keefe Brief: 4 Reasons Why Young People are "Feeling the Bern"

If you want to know why young people are feeling the bern. The O'Keefe Brief gives you 4 good reasons why! Please tell us why you are feeling the bern in the comments below. Go Bernie Sanders! (...Read more


Top Comments: How Incredibly White of the Oscars (again)

For the second consecutive year The Academy Awards has


Trump wants to take America back. Back to the fifties!


Two Takes on Ben Carson as Uncle Ben, one from Kevin Karstens, and my own(below) I just found his the other day, mine I did last November


Our 2016 Candidates: Is This The Best We Can Do?

For a moment, let’s step back from Hillary vs. Bernie, and Trump vs. … well, Trump, and address what might be the more important question – at least as it pertains to all of the...Read more


Sarah Palin's sweater making a fashion statement


If Hillary Clinton chose Elizabeth Warren as her running mate would you be more or less likely to vote for her?


Mr. Natural doesn't approve of Flakey's vote!


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder saw a chance to save money, and of course he took it!


Politicians Poison Their Wells — and Ours


Politicians Poison Their Wells — and Ours Goldman Sachs, guns, Obamacare, the “establishment,” heat up the race between Clinton and Sanders. But how hot can the rhetoric get before...Read more


World Economy and Austerity: Davos. Be Prepared For Another Crash?

There is plenty of doom and gloom at Davos and it could be we are due for another cyclical piece of devastation. Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff said the fear in the markets stems from a dawning...Read more


What did you expect?


With the establishment marginalized on the right by the Cruz or Trump crisis where do you think they will turn? By the establishment I mean, the serious money, the superPacs, dark money, corporations...Read more




One year from today, Barack Obama will be handing over the reigns of power to his Democratic successor. As has been pointed out on this site too many times to count (and why is it that I seem to be...Read more


Ted Cruz ...really scary!


Palin endorses Trump; GOP reality show rolls on!


How long before the Sarah Palin endorsement bites Donald Trump in the ass?


Clinton Backs Down From Health Care Fight For Second Time in Her Career

For the second time in her career, Hillary Clinton has signaled retreat on her signature issue, health care. During the Democratic debate, Clinton said she wouldn’t fight for the type of single...Read more


Albuquerque Chaper Re-launch!

Great News, 'Burque! Liberals can rejoice again because we have a new place and time for us to "Drink Liberally" again.


Trump Is A Buffoon, A Demagogue and A Wazzock

Sometimes one has to agree with British Members Of Parliament Donald Trump was branded a racist demagogue, a buffoon and a “wazzock” in the British parliament as MPs debated whether to...Read more

martin luther king jr

The True Meaning of Dr. King Day


I just received the ad posted above as an email a few minutes ago. Can you believe it? Of course you can. CHARLIE BROWN: ISN'T THERE ANYONE WHO KNOWS WHAT MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY IS ALL ABOUT???...Read more


MLK day


Utter Madness


This is not the politics of envy, this is utter madness Runaway inequality has created a world where 62 people own as much as the poorest half of the world's population, according to an Oxfam...Read more


You Have To Protest For What You Believe In


If the first words out of you mouth are You have to be a realist It is not possible in the current political climate You would not have made a good Suffragette Civil Rights campaigner But then again...Read more


We are not Dying Fast Enough. The Greedy continue to kill us by poison in the water.


I highly suggest all read Denise’s Diary today regarding the anatomy of the Flint Genocide. Go to the DK link below and see this fine work of details regarding Flint.…...Read more


Upside Downtrodden - Episode 130


EPISODE 130 TOPIC: IDEAS EPISODE 130 SEGMENTS: JUSTWORTHY CAUSE - TED.COM, GLASS HALF FULL, WORDS TO LIVE BY We live in a world of make-believe, institutionalized by man-made systems of control which...Read more


20 Years An Expat "I just don't get it anymore"


It has been longer than that if you include my school years [St George’s Edinburgh, it would be 26] but 20 years a full time expat split between the UK and France, so over half my life. The...Read more


This Election is bigger than Hillary or Bernie..It is about saving America from the crazies!

Never in my 65 years have I ever witnessed such disrespect for a sitting wartime president. I have not forgotten the hatred of G W Bush. That hatred was based on policy and not from people trying to...Read more


Bernie Sanders: A Force to Reckon With


There's no arguing with success. Try as one might to tear down an unstoppable force, there are certain realities that have to be dealt with head on; and the reality of the moment is the fact that...Read more