Moving Overseas with the Car In case you are moving in another country, it's likely you need to end up being asking yourself whether or not you should ship your vehicle or even not really. You will have to consider anybody searching for before you decide

Simplest Packing and Shifting in Fifteen Easy Steps

What is Bernie Sanders position on Gun Control?

With so much miss information out there it's important for supports of a candidate to get the word out about where their candidate stands.

Would you support a federal law that permanently prohibited any person diagnosed with a mental illness to own a gun?


Chicken Little Trump

Trump's policies are pure stupidity; He has yet to say anything 'smart.'

Am I An American Or Not?

Well one side of the family emigrated from France in the early 1700s to Nouvelle France, probably without telling anyone official either side of the pond.

Good Wins! [spoiler]

How about 'wet back' Jeb?