Patton Oswalt Just Shredded Trump With SCATHING Reaction To Russian Hackings

Comedian Patton Oswalt has had just about enough of Donald Trump and American politics, and he let the world know it on Saturday with a Facebook post that can only be described as legendary...Read more

WATCH: Walter White Is Trump’s Choice For Head Of DEA During SNL Cold Open (VIDEO)

With Donald Trump making horrific choice after horrific choice for all the major cabinet roles of his administration, filled with people who have no place in the job and are often the exact opposite...Read more

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Returns To Washington D.C. Looking Sharp And Ready To Take Over (VIDEO)

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made her first post-election public appearance in Washington D.C. on Thursday, speaking at a ceremony honoring Harry Reid at the unveiling of...Read more

BREAKING: Electoral College Members File STUNNING Lawsuit To Vote Against Donald Trump

Polly Baca and Robert Nemanich are members of the electoral college from the blue state of Colorado. 29 states in the Union , including Colorado, require their electoral college members to cast...Read more

BREAKING: Michigan Supreme Court Makes Stunning Recount Ruling For The Battleground State

On Friday, Michigan’s Supreme Court ruled on Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s appeal to keep her recount effort alive in the state. Stein was denied, effectively shutting down recount efforts in...Read more

Trump Just Issued A DISTURBING Response To CIA’s Announcement That Russia Interfered In Election

President-elect Donald Trump and his transition team made it abundantly clear on Friday evening that they have no interest whatsoever in taking seriously the CIA’s stunning report that Russia...Read more

Donald Trump’s MASSIVE Saturday Morning Twitter Tantrum Embarrasses Entire Nation (TWEETS)

Earlier this week, Variety announced that Donald Trump would continue to be listed as an executive producer on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice . Trump’s spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, confirmed that...Read more

JUST IN: CIA Reveals Russia Hacked Elections To Help Trump Win The White House (VIDEO)

Many have speculated that Russia interfered with the presidential election. However, the CIA has now concluded that it actually happened in order to help elect Donald Trump. The president-elect...Read more

Want to improve our politics? Improve ourselves first.

Most people are still in shock over the results on November 8th. I know I certainly was, and in actuality I still cannot actually comprehend what will happen on January 20th. I know what is going to...Read more

Obama, the CIA, and the Russians

What if Obama had had the CIA release its assessment of what the Russians were doing? Would not the Republicans and a good chunk of the press have claimed that he was doing so to tilt the election to...Read more

Baltimore City Council Votes UNANIMOUSLY To Denounce Donald Trump Just Days Before His Visit

The new Baltimore City Council was sworn in this week, and in their first official act, they voted unanimously to officially ban all Trump rhetoric from the city. Newly elected Councilman Ryan Dorsey...Read more

Kellyanne Conway To America: Criticize Trump And Expect To Face The ‘Consequences’ (VIDEO)

In Donald Trump’s world, dissent is not allowed. Having a different opinion is not allowed. Thinking for yourself is not allowed. This is a frightening glimpse into what we can expect for the next...Read more

BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani Just Took Himself Out Of Running For Secretary Of State (VIDEO)

The announcement of Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of state has been much anticipated since the President-elect’s victory on November 8. Many have suspected it would be Rudy Giuliani, who was...Read more

WATCH: Trump Supporter Gets SCHOOLED By Robert Reich For Defending Trump Idiocy (VIDEO)

Trump’s busiest cheerleader, Kayleigh McEnany, got her a** handed to her on CNN Thursday night after she attacked former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, for saying Trump’s new pick for Labor...Read more

Right Wing Round-Up -12/9/16

Hannah Levintova @ Mother Jones: Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick Tried to Overturn Roe v. Wade. He Almost Succeeded. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Todd Starnes Lies About Texas School “Censoring”...Read more

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 12/9/16

Don’t worry, ladies. Sean Hannity assures you that “your uteruses will be fine” under President Trump. Bradlee Dean blasts Robert Jeffress as one of those “cowards living out ignorance in action as...Read more

Protesters Bring Trump Victory Rally To Screeching Halt With MASSIVE Revolt, Police Intervene (VIDEO)

Just when you might have begun thinking that things could be changing for the better when it comes to Donald Trump, something like this happens, leaving you scratching your head, yet again, at how on...Read more

Kevin Swanson: The Movie ‘Moonlight’ Is A ‘Sinister, Evil, Demonic Work’ Aimed Aimed At ‘Prepping Boys For Pederasty’

Rabidly anti-LGBT activist and radio host Kevin Swanson is not a fan of the new widely acclaimed film “Moonlight,” which is about a young man “growing up poor, black and gay” in Miami. Swanson...Read more

Screw "Game of Thrones". It's more like a house of cards, playing cards.

This just keeps getting better and better. Not long ago I wrote a diary stating that the contradictory appointments Trump was making was being done on purpose. Keep his advisors off balance and at...Read more

President Obama Just Ordered An IMMEDIATE Investigation Into Trump’s Russian Ties – Trump LIVID

The involvement of Russia in this presidential election has been a widely discussed issue, especially since President-elect Donald Trump continued to shower Russian leader Vladimir Putin with praise...Read more

Tony Perkins Hopeful That Trump Will Reverse Obama’s Military ‘Social Engineering’

The latest year-end fundraising pitch from the Family Research Council comes in an envelope emblazoned with the words: “Now that the election is over…What happens to the Christians?” Inside, a letter...Read more

BREAKING: U.S. District Judge Issues Huge Donald Trump Trial Announcement Before Inauguration

Not-my-President-elect Donald Trump will enter office with 75 pending lawsuits against him. But you know, Hillary was the ‘crooked’ one because emails. Trump University was a huge scam but the...Read more

Scott Lively: Trump Presidency Is The Beginning Of The End Of LGBT Movement

In a column today in the far-right outlet BarbWire, notorious anti-LGBT pastor Scott Lively declared that regardless of Donald Trump’s “personal views on the issue” of LGBT equality, his presidency...Read more

David Barton On Trump’s Cabinet Picks And Agenda: ‘I’m Loving What I’m Seeing’

On today’s “WallBuilders Live” radio broadcast, Republican political operative and right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton rejoiced in the election of Donald Trump, especially because he has handed...Read more

Last chance to make a difference in the 2016 election.

Folks, we have one more chance to make something positive out of the debacle of 2016. And it’s an important chance that could make a real difference. And it is not a pipe dream, for one good reason...Read more

President-Elect Trump Picks Member Of The WWE To Lead America’s Small Business Administration

On Wednesday, Donald Trump announced his pick for the leader of the Small Business Administration . The President-elect has chosen Linda McMahon, whom some may know from her unsuccessful Senate runs...Read more

Trump Continues To Berate Carrier Union Workers ‘Should Have Spent More Time Working’ (VIDEO)

Once again, Donald Trump took the time from his “busy” schedule to remind us just how professional and classy his administration will be, by attacking unemployed American workers who had the audacity...Read more

Respected Holocaust Attorney Files Lawsuit Against DOJ ‘Seeking Disclosure’ For Clinton FBI Warrant

This week E. Randol Schoenberg , an attorney who gained recognition after recovering artwork that had been stolen during the Holocaust by Nazi soldiers, is back in the press, filing a lawsuit against...Read more

Huge Donald Trump Inauguration Protest Launched By Michael Moore

On Wednesday, Liberal activist filmmaker Michael Moore announced the launch of a massive effort to protest the inauguration of racist, sexist, and general incompetent Donald J. Trump. Referencing the...Read more

Trump Awarded ‘Madman Of The Year’ By New York Times

The fact that Time gave President-elect Donald Trump the cover and crowned him “Person of the Year” isn’t very exceptionally surprising. The guy pulled a massive upset for the history books like...Read more