Packaging Plants for Residence Shifting

Kentucky Governor's Race 2015: Matt Bevin Lies Like a Cheap Rug


I hope that this makes the rounds. Joe Sonka of the Insider Louisville has a great story up of Republican nominee(?) for Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. When asked about his lack of support for Mitch McConnell after the 2014 Primary,...More

The Economist: "Caliphate Strikes Back." The Coalition corrects U.S. DoD map, surrounds Mosul

The GOP and the Molester

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worst for the GOP Presidential field. The top 2016 candidates get caught in a relationship with a child molester. So what would you do? Well if you are Mike Huckabee you double...More

The Economist "Caliphate Strikes Back" article with coalition corrections


The Economist tries to get it right. The center of Ramadi is under ISIS control. That's "ISIS" as an acronym for Islamic State Is Shxt. What matters most is that Sunnis in Syria and in Iraq are now terrified of...More

Memorial Day


This is not Veterans Day weekend. I wonder how many people really think about the losses of wars. I wonder how many Americans think of The hurt and the pain and yes how it affects our living vets. Take a...More

You Know it's Bad When GOP Reps Vote Scott Walker Out as Head of Flagship Agency

Questions about WEDC are dogging Scott Walker Oh, yeah, the normally Scott Walker-subservient Republican Legislators who infest majorities in the Wisconsin State Legislature have told us all we need to know about how bad things are with WEDC by booting...More



Folks on the Left have always been accused of arrogance by the Righties. If we dare to question their take on anything, we are charged with arrogance. Just this week Jeb Bush said we were arrogant about climate change. Back...More

HI-Sen: Brian Schatz (D) Fights Back Against Fast Tracking The TPA


U.S. Senator Brian Schatz (D. HI), who has been an adamant opponent of the TPP , is now focusing on stopping the TPA : Thank you for adding your name to our petition opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement...More

What happens if the PATRIOT Act expires?


With the Senate stuck over whether and how to reform the PATRIOT Act before parts of it expire within days, officials across Washington are starting to contemplate a future in which lawmakers don’t act — and key surveillance provisions simply...More

IL-Sen: Mark Kirk (R) Gets His Facts Wrong Regarding Nelson Mandela & South Africa's Nuclear Program


U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R. IL) has been pushing his Iran Sanctions Bill which would greatly undermine President Obama's negotiations with Iran: Senate hawks like Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) do not like diplomacy with Iran. Graham...More

Where Is Superman?


Thanks to the history channel, I learned about Stetson Kennedy take down of the KKK. His story inspired me into wanting Superman back in 2015. A simple man to infiltrate the KOCH, AIPAC, ALEC, etc operations with a simple clear...More

CA-Sen: Watch Kamala Harris (D) Rock The California Democratic Party Convention


Received this e-mail today from Attorney General Kamala Harris' (D. CA) U.S. Senate campaign: "How can you possibly expect to get anything done with the culture of dysfunction in Washington, D.C.?" That's a tough question for any candidate to answer...More

The Greatest Country in the World


The Republican politicians often say that America is the greatest country in the world. American exceptionalism is another term that is often used. Exactly what do they mean? Are we truly exceptional? Are we unique unto ourselves? Are we so...More

MD-Sen: Donna Edwards (D) Goes After The Medicare Cuts In The TPP


Received this e-mail today from Rep. Donna Edwards' (D. MD) U.S. Senate campaign. Edwards has been a fierce opponent of the TPP and now she's highlighting a key part of the trade deal: Fast Track and TPP just got a...More

Texas lege considers several open carry bills as session nears finale

WA-Gov & Sen: PPP Has Inslee (D) & Murray (D) Starting Off Looking Strong For Re-Election


Some good news today from PPP out of Washington: Jay Inslee and Patty Murray both start out in good shape for reelection. Inslee leads the prospective Republican opponents we tested against him by 5-13 points, while Murray leads the...More

WI-Sen: Sherrod Brown (D. OH) Helps Russ Feingold (D) Get Ready To Defeat Ron Johnson (R)


Received this e-mail from one of my favorite U.S. Senators, Sherrod Brown (D. OH), in support of Russ Feingold's (D. WI) comeback bid against Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson (R. WI): I’ve got some great news -- my friend and...More

MO-Sen: Jason Kander (D) & VoteVets Push Congress To Give Veterans Free Access To Public Parks


Received this e-mail today from VoteVets and Secretary of State Jason Kander's (D. MO) U.S. Senate campaign: I joined the U.S. Army as a Calvary Scout in August of 2001, one month before the attacks on September 11th. I served...More

CT-Sen: Richard Blumenthal (D) Keeps Up The Fight For Mandatory GMO Labeling


Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D. CT): As a dad, it’s always been important to me to know what my kids were eating. Carrots for dinner? Sure. Ice cream? Maybe wait for dessert. It’s even more...More

Rick Scott may have to climb in the clown car to get respect...Ha !


I am feeling a little blue today so bad news for Scott always cheers me up. Scott cannot get anyone to cooperate with his demands lately. I laughed out loud when I read that the hospitals are telling him to...More

No Thugs Here


During the riots in Baltimore after Freddie Gray's death, we heard the word thug from so many media outlets people started to wonder if it was a replacement for another word. NIGGER! People debated whether this was true and ultimately...More

Kentucky Governor Race 2015: This Will Be Fun


The Courier-Journal is reporting that Republican Hal Heiner has conceded to Tea Party nut Matt Bevin. However, the difference between Matt Bevin and another challenger - James Comer - is less than 100 votes . I'd say that we will...More

In Defense of Black Lives


“My fellow citizens, we have come now to a time of testing. We must not fail. Let us close the springs of racial poison. Let us pray for wise and understanding hearts. Let us lay aside irrelevant differences and make...More

Confessions of Scott Walkers Pale Blue Shirt: Volume 2, More Confessions


Pale blue shirt here. I'm back. Hello, there. I'm Scott Walkers pale blue campaigning shirt. You've met me before . I'm the shirt that's usually accompanied by a dark red tie that Scott Walker uses whenever he's out trying to...More

WI-Sen: Ron Johnson (R), 'I May Trust Ayatollah Over Obama On Details Of Iran Deal'


More words of insanity from one of the most vulnerable Tea Part U.S. Senators: Sen. Ron Johnson, the Homeland Security Committee chairman, says when it comes to a nuclear deal with Iran, he’s “not so sure” he trusts President...More

The 2015 Ramadi GC attack. Why do Corporate Media exaggerate this action?


In Ramadi, Iraq, last week a force of some 200 ISIS fighters carried out a successful suicide-based attack on the Government Center building. A chain of cars drove in and blasted check points and strong-point bunkers. The main ISIS force...More

Join me in boycotting all Vice Media programming until Co-founder Gavin McInnes apologizes for his demeaning comments about women.

Description : 

FOX News contributors and Co-founder of Vice Media Gavin McInnes said on FOX News:

"The big picture here is women do earn less in America because they choose to. They would rather go to their daughter’s piano recital than stay all night at work, working on a proposal so they end up earning less. They're less ambitious. I think this is nature's way of saying women should be at home with the kids. They're happier there,"


H.R. 2250 - There's Plenty Not To Like


You sir and your merry henchmen have made a mockery out of Democracy. Holding the line on out of Control Spending? What in the hell are you talking about Speaker John Boehner? Your witch hunts and worthless hearings on all...More

Is Marco Rubio disqualified for not simply saying "in hindsight the Iraq war was a mistake"?