It's Called "Progress"


Anything that sends the extreme right wing into a severe state of spastic apoplexy is indeed a beautiful thing. That photograph above is doing the trick nicely. On the eve of our 239th celebration of Independence Day, in the wake...More

Lip Service


An interesting article in the NYT For several years now, populist politicians and liberal intellectuals have been inveighing against income inequality, an issue that is gaining traction among the broader body politic, as shown by a recent New York Times/CBS...More

Mexican laborer Responds to Donald Trump's Bigoted Comments


I saw this on video on Facebook and had to share it with my readers on The Politicus. Write your own political story on

Top Comments: Freedom and Fireworks Edition


We're celebrating the founding of our country this weekend. Well, most of us are. Because it's a 3 day weekend, nefarious politicians ( grrrrrr ) were very busy late Thursday announcing bad news in a whisper or doing despicable things...More

The Hair "Don't You Know I'm A Socialist?"

We went deep undercover in Donald Trump's hair salon and during the major renovation work required on the "hair's" housing, we managed to get this interview Your intrepid reporter: "It's good to finally meet your highly coiffed eminence." The Hair...More

Is It Time To Break Up The European Union?

I used to be passionate about the European Union and saw the single currency as a final push towards a Federal European Democracy. Since the Global Banking Crisis and the application of Austerity my eyes have been opened as to...More

Media Net 7.1.15

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Jim Webb (D. VA), "Treat Drugs Like Cigarettes - Not As A Crime"

There's been many great diaries about the 2016 Election focused on the GOP clown car, Hillary Clinton's campaign and Bernie Sanders rising momentum. I am actually happy that there is an emerging primary in the Democratic field. I like to...More

PA-Sen: Toomey's (R) PAC May Have Broken FEC Rules By Donating To Super PAC Run By His Former Aides

Looks like he stepped in it this time: A leadership PAC controlled by Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Penn.) may have violated Federal Election Commission rules by contributing to a super PAC that is likely to support his re-election campaign in...More

Women Are Too Emotional To Play Sports


Fox Host Criticizes Women's World Cup Players For Being Too "Emotional" On The Field Sandra Smith: "I Don't Think That Men Would Have Reacted The Same Way" To A Teammate Accidentally Scoring On Own Goal Someone hasn't watched much soccer...More

Bernies Record Crowd in Wisconsin is Big News - Except in Wisconsin

While noticed by an astonished national press, if you're in Wisconsin you likely had little to no idea that Bernie Sanders drew a record breaking crowd in Madison last night. The highest read newspaper in the state (the Milwaukee Journal...More

It’s All Greek To Me

Greece’s economic crisis transfixes Europe, yet it’s so far removed from most Americans that when you explain the problem and solutions, you might as well be speaking, well, Greek. Conservatives oppose expanded overtime. Right-wingers rant about marriage equality. Republicans keep...More

Project Fear

Sometimes something resonates both side of the pond. This article pretty well sums it up. Perhaps I am too old and dreamy to think that politics was ever about anything other than fear; that hope is a necessity not a...More

Watch Livestream of Bernie Sanders in Madison (embedded here)

I know many people want to watch Bernie Sanders biggest crowd ever in Madison, Wisconsin. Record crowds are arriving as pictures from the event hashtag are showing on Twitter. It's being reported that there were 12,000 RSVPs to the invitation...More

Upside Downtrodden - Episode 117


EPISODE 117 TOPIC: NATIONALISM EPISODE 117 SEGMENTS: JUSTWORTHY CAUSE - DOCTORSWITHOUTBORDERS.ORG, LISTS: 10 MOST RIDICULOUS NATIONALISTIC GIFTS, WORDS TO LIVE BY We live in a world of make-believe, institutionalized by man-made systems of control which seek to disparage, undermine, and...More

List of Pro-Bernie Sanders Twitter Accounts

If you are looking for a list of Pro-Bernie Sanders Twitter Accounts. You have come to the right place. This page will be update daily as we find new Twitter accounts that are pro Bernie Sanders. Also, here are a...More

Maine guv LePage endorses Christie

Want to have fun? #AskBobby is for you

Never a good idea when you are a nutcase to ask such questions it appears . #AskBobby Do you believe that Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave clockwise or counter clockwise? — Buzz_Patriot (@Buzz_Patriot) July 1, 2015 BJ: Excellent...More

The Sanders-Warren-Clinton Triangle Is Good News For Us

By "Us" I mean ordinary people going about our ordinary lives, with little individual influence but enormous power when grouped together. Populism a dirty word for many, is also a dangerous event for those that seek to maintain division. When...More

The Klan Desperately Trying To Rise Once More


It's about heritage ya hear The chapter's grand titan, James Spears, told Politico that the group will protest "the Confederate flag being took down for all the wrong reasons." "It’s part of white people’s culture," Spears said. Not about racism...More

Sit down! Shut up! Christie to announce candidacy

American History X-ed: How The Confederate Flag Was Divorced From Slavery & Segregation


From a physical standpoint, Alexander Stephens made a rather ironic spokesman for the superiority of the white race. Standing 5 feet 7 inches in height, Stephens wasn’t terribly short or tall by 19th century American standards, but he possessed a...More

Help! I'm Attorney General and I Don't Know If my Twitter Account is Public or Private


California Attorney General Kamala Harris needs a lesson in ethical uses of social media for public officials. She shouldn't be embarrassed, as many public officials are making the same mistake. Here is a look at the two main accounts you...More

Ted Cruz needs to take a closer look at the Constitution

Ted Cruz is fond of crowing about his knowledge of the Constitution and of the Bible. It seems he wants to be an arbiter and interpreter of these documents. Often those who base their spurious arguments on Biblical or Constitutional...More

Denial Is A River In Talibangelical Land


Ever notice how the story goes? As soon as you hear the story you know what is coming down the pike. Idiot pumped up on white supremacy kills people of color in a church, well heaved knows its all the...More

Which Republican Presidential candidate will be the first to exit from the primary?

No Doubt About It, I Will Vote For Hillary Clinton If

she wins the primary. Will I be happy, no, but I'm not going to commit stupidity and vote Republican. Up until that point I will support and donate to Bernie Sanders. I see no point in attacking Hillary Clinton, as...More

President Obama Delivers Eulogy – FULL VIDEO

President Obama delivers a eulogy for state Senator Clementa Pinckney, who was one of nine victims in the June 17, 2015, shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Watch the complete funeral service here: