Ebola Diagnosed In U.S. For The First Time: CDC

A patient was diagnosed with Ebola in the United States for the first time, CNBC reported, citing the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Child Abuse

Beating supporters need an attitudinal switch


Has Eric Holder been an effective Attorney General?

With the announced resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder it is important to as whether he was effective in the job in order to better evaluate the needs of the department going forward.  If h


A new poll suggests that a majority of Americans oppose putting U.S. troops on the ground to fight ISIL. Where do you stand?

I support U.S. involvement, but no troops on the ground
66% (2 votes)
I support putting U.S. troops on the ground
33% (1 vote)
The U.S. should stay out of the conflict entirely
0% (0 votes)
Not Sure
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 3

income inequality

The majority rabble are getting exactly what they deserve!

Never Again!

The Jews have learned their history lessons very well!

AZ After Party Five Questions with Fred DuVal, 2014 Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate for the Democratic Party

G.A. Spencer     I   Community Organizer    I    AZ After Party

Does the Western World understand enough about Islam, the Islam of the Quran, to be able to judge the religion in the Middle East?

For many years the strife between the West and the Middle East has come down to the tensions between the more extreme elements of Islam and the Christian, or Western, world (all the while not exclu
KENTUCKY BLUE “GRASSROOTS” ALISON DEFEATS Mc ‘SHAME’!  Alison Lundergan Grimes, attorney & (D) politician is the Secretary of State of Kentucky. She defeated (R) Bill Johnson in the November 8, 2011 general election. May 20, 2014, she won the (D) Party Primary to run for United States Senate in Kentucky.


By, Jays Jewels

If Rouhani and Zarif had a free hand would the nuclear negotiations with Iran be further along to a positive resolution?

The Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has the final say in all matters in Iran and is seen by many to be the main stumbling block to any deal that could be possibly made in the P5+1 talks.  Thus Rouhani


REGonomics on Franchise Law

Last July, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Office of the General Counsel issued a statement affirming charges alleging McDonald’s franchisees and their franchisor, McDonald’s, USA, LLC,

Cop Shoots a Man With His Hands Up

For all those people who thought shooting a Blackman (Michael Brown) with his hands up was ridiculous and couldn't/wouldn't happen. Please watch this video!

Was President Obama wrong to mention Ferguson in his UN speech on Sept. 24, 2014?


President O-Bomb-a

The President whose political star rose as a principled voice to end a Mideast war has just started a new bombing campaign there.

Who do you blame for inaction on immigration reform?


The Constitution

Since her retirement from the Supreme Court, Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has been working on developing an increased awareness in our youth about our country, and more importantly about o

Is it panic time for Dems in the race for Colorado governor?

This article was orginally posted on Republic 3.0 

Would you support sending U.S. ground troops abroad to help fight Islamic terrorists if the White House strategy of arming and training Syrian rebels doesn’t work?

66% (2 votes)
33% (1 vote)
Not Sure
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 3

When You're In A Hole, Stop Digging

It’s a mess in the Middle East but not clear how the US helps by making it messier. As we arm questionable “allies,” remember: getting Syrian is easier than getting Syri-out.

Why it is OK for Female Senators to Vote Against the Paycheck Fairness Act

This morning as I checked my email inbox, I was confronted with a flood of new emails from Google Alerts.

Strike Debt's Rolling Jubilee Erases $4,000,000 in Student Loan Debt - For $100,000!

Almost two years ago the Rolling Jubilee, a project of Strike Debt (an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street), announced an am

The Effect of Body-Worn Cameras on Police

In light of all the recent controversy over the details of several police and community interactions , from the LAPD /Daniele Watts incident to the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson , the issue of fa

LAPD Protective League says Cops can too Demand Your ID!

Subsequent to the media storm that has surrounded the temporary detention of actress

One-fourth of bed alarms were broken before UCSD patient wandered away to his death

When Thomas Vera wandered away from the UC San Diego Medical Center to die in a nearby canyon, executives across the University of California Health System were cutting the staff-to-patient ratio.

Crist vs Scott...A Rant....Wake up !

What is wrong with this picture.  We have a criminal in the state house.   We have a bald headed monster wanting to dictate healthcare or lack thereof to make himself richer and richer.


Reducing crime and disorder requires the police work cooperatively with the people to identify their concerns, solicit their help, and solve their problems.



Hobby Lobby: What is the real issue?

Since the Supreme Court decided Hobby Lobby this past June there has been a flurry of commentary regarding women's health, the extent of federal power over matters of conscience with respe

John McCain Says He’s ‘Vetted a Number of’ Syrian Rebels and ‘They Can Be Trusted’

When I saw John McCain's interview on Fox News yesterday criticizing Rand Paul's position on Arming the Syrian Rebels and asserting that he has vetted thousands of Syrian Rebels during his 1-day tr

Should the #NFL retroactively suspend player who have been convicted of domestic violence covering the past 12-month?

100% (4 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Not Sure
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 4


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