UPDATE Israel: Midnight deadline... Netanyahu gets to 61 seats, Kulanu objects based on instability


Recall all the stories telling us how Likud and Benjamin ("Bibi") Netanyahu had won a great victory at the polls on March 17th ??? Well, it's not just Fox News. They all had it wrong. Netanyahu's group of parties lost...More

Israel: Round Midnight on Wednesday... or Netanyahu is out of time

Recall all the stories telling us how Likud and Benjamin ("Bibi") Netanyahu had won a great victory at the polls on March 17th ??? Well, it's not just Fox News. They were all lying. Israel has coalition governments, usually combining...More

PA-Sen: Toomey (R) Just Doesn't Have The Time To Explain Why He's Blocking His Own Judicial Nominee


This is ridiculous: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/... Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) is preventing one of his own judicial nominees from moving forward, for reasons nobody seems to understand. Toomey has long supported Luis Restrepo, who President Barack Obama nominated in November to the...More

Dog Whistle Politics. Fact or Fiction?


Dog whistle politics usually refers to the use of certain code words or phrases that are designed to be understood by only a small section of the populace. Generally speaking, these are phrases that have special meaning to that subsection...More

Mika Brzezinski Questions Freddie Gray's Lawyer About Campaign Contributions


Mika Brzezinski (@morningmika) wasted 60% of her interview with Freddie Gray's lawyer questioning him about campaign contributions he made to Prosecutor Mosby's election campaign. The Baltimore Police Union and Mika are concerned about a potential "conflict of interest". Mika failed...More

Technocrats behind the Curtain


According to legend, after the murder of the despotic emperor Caligula, the assassins discovered Claudius hiding behind a curtain. To his great surprise, instead of being stabbed to death, Claudius was proclaimed as the new Emperor of Rome. Claudius was...More

Traditional America Is Ending ? Really ?


You Mean THIS Traditional America Is Ending? Traditional American Indians, who were here first, and who have been fighting against genocide for over 400 years? Traditional American Africans, whose ancestors were brought here against their will, and who have been...More

Top Comments: Non-Christian Christians


For decades now whenever I see intolerance, bigotry, hypocrisy, homophobia or the like it's almost certainly coming from someone who claims to be a "good, God fearing Christian". From the haters who won't pizza-cater a gay wedding to the folks...More

Isaac Bloom, Everytown for Gun Safety


BREAKING: Oregon just passed a law to require background checks on all gun sales. This is an incredible victory for Oregon -- but also for gun sense across the country -- because it shows what happens when we come together...More

Strategic Racism


They were not bigots. And, this isn’t about bigotry. A stereotype is a sort of cultural presumption of minority inferiority: blacks are lazy, Latinos are dirty or filthy, and Muslims don’t respect human life. Dog whistles are when politicians use...More

Is it Deja Vu all over again?

The 2016 election is shaping up much like the 2012 election's. For example, we're already hearing lots of early talk about how the Democrats are in trouble and trodding out the latest polls showing a close race in a random...More

5% Is Too Many


The GOP attracts only about 5 percent of the African American vote. 5 percent, however, is too many when you break down the numbers. There were 131,144,000 voters during the 2012 Presidential election . That means that over 655,000 blacks...More

GOP 2016 clown show

The Saga about the First African-American Republican Female Congressional Candidate


Erika N. L. Harold ethnic background is Greek , German and English ancestry on her father’s side, and on her mother's side, Native-American , and African-American ancestry. That one drop of African – American blood, cause the papers to refer...More

My Sunday Post


Chuang Chow Dreaming He Was A Butterfly ( A Parable By Philosopher Chuang Tzu ) Once . . . Chuang Chou Was dreaming he was a butterfly Suddenly he awoke And there he was Solid, unmistakable Chuang Chou But ...More

Are Sanders' Ideas Really That Radical

Even the most fervent Sanders supporters likely understand the overwhelming unlikelihood of posing a serious threat to Hillary Clinton. Yet despite the campaign’s single-digit polling, Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) brings considerable value to the marketplace of ideas. It is important that...More

In Whose Best Interest? The Ethics Surrounding the AIDS Healthcare Foundation Lawsuit


In the coming weeks, roughly 17,500 of the brightest medical minds in America will don their gowns and mortarboards and be formally welcomed as the latest initiates into the fraternity of practicing physicians. The ceremonies celebrating the accomplishments of these...More

Dear Oligarchy Giants,


Lets get something straight. We, the 99%, want you to know that we are not the least bit jealous of what you have, we especially do not admire the way that most of you got what you have nor do...More

Bernie Sanders to run for 2016 Democratic Party nomination

Time for Bernie

"The major issue is how do we create an economy that works for all of our people rather than a small number of billionaires, and the second issue directly related is the fact that as a result of the disastrous...More

Upside Downtrodden - Episode 113


EPISODE 113 TOPIC: LABOR EPISODE 113 SEGMENTS: JUSTWORTHY CAUSE - HACKERLAB.ORG, PAYING HOMAGE, WORDS TO LIVE BY We live in a world of make-believe, institutionalized by man-made systems of control which seek to disparage, undermine, and enslave society. Let Scott...More

Tx. Guv Greg Abbott panders to the conspiracists

Are you suprised that all six police officers were charged in Freddie Gray’s death?


The charges against the other five officers are as follows: Officer Caesar Goodson was charged with second-degree depraved-heart murder, Mosby said. That charge carries 30 years in prison. Officer William G. Porter has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and assault...More

Bad Craziness in Alabamy


When I saw the headline on the Addicting Info website, I just knew it had to be a hoax of some kind - or at least that's what I thought it must be. "Oh, come now", I said out loud...More

What’s black-and-white with Freddy Gray


In Baltimore, the clear tragedy of Freddie Gray has marked yet another death of a black male at the hands of those in uniforms of blue, leading to protests that are many shades of gray. The issue has entered presidential...More

Deray McKesson to Wolf Blitzer: 'You are suggesting broken windows are worse than broken spines'


Wolf Blitzer started off the conversation by answering the very question he asked at least 5 times. "'I want to bring in Deray McKesson he's a community activist who we first met in Ferguson Missouri he's now in Baltimore as...More

Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 240 Million Undocumented Whites


( Reposted From : A tweet : Joyce Jeffries @MsRock4Ever · Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 240 Million Undocumented Whites http://cityworldnews.com/native-american-amnesty/ ) At a meeting on Friday in Taos, New Mexico, Native American leaders weighed a handful of proposals...More

Should the Federal Government mandate that all Police Departments keep and provide up-to-date stats on all Police involved deaths?


As of today, Police Departments provide data on ''justifiable'' police homicides". See the Vox Article below: Last week, we wrote about the fact that the U.S. government doesn’t track how many people are killed by the police . The FBI...More

Dogmatic Skepticism is the Coward's Way Out


Crystal Palace Park in South London is a physical embodiment of the deeply conservative nature of Britain. The park sits on the border between the terminally Labour-held constituencies of inner London and the conservative seats of outer London. Nobody could...More

Black Protests, White Coverage: How The Mainstream Media Distorts The Uprising in Baltimore


You do not dress for war in order to wage peace. You do not suppress information when you have nothing to hide. You cannot serve & protect a community while you dig your knee into its neck. These would seem...More