24-hour Political Writing Contest


This is a simple contest. Create an article on The Politicus and if your article gets 500 total shares you will win $100. Keep in mind we will share your article 100 times to our social groups, which...Read more


Silver Knows the Winner


The difference was twelve, a gap of twelve. It was such a narrow gap that the country knew it was time to break out its old reliable, a famous silver coin that has determined the fate of the nation...Read more


The Amazing Thing About Corporate Talks By Famous People


They are usually turgid, vacuous and extraordinarily boring. You get the odd one that keeps you awake, however they are by definition meant to be soothing. I have never been to one that shook the...Read more


This Election Is About More Than Fear


One minute you were sitting quietly in a cafe eating a croissant and enjoying the Kenny G inspired serenity when, out of nowhere, the corner of heaven you found was violated by the repeated firing of...Read more


Latest Wisconsin Polling: Good News for Bernie and Russ; Bad News for Scott Walker


Latest Marquette Poll in Wisconsin makes me smile. Marquette has frequently demonstrated to be the most reliable poll in the state. This poll interviewed 806 registered Wisconsin voters, by both...Read more


I Come Not to Praise Rand Paul


Rand Paul was still running for president? Oh yeah! I did remember seeing him pitch a huge fit about getting kicked out of the main debate. And he showed a great deal of maturity by not showing up...Read more


Hillary Clinton Declared Winner in Advance of Tonight's Debate

Hillary Clinton is being declared the winner by pundits and campaign surrogates in advance of tonight’s debate. “It’s a struggle to keep on top of post-debate spin when Clinton does...Read more


Nothing for Granted in the Granite State


Iowa ended in a virtual tie, the DNC ended its tight control of debates, and O’Malley ended his campaign entirely, as Clinton and Sanders try to end up on top in NH. A Cruz Missile took down...Read more


As Soon as BFSkinner Sees Things Looking Brighter Ahead, Dark Clouds Move in Again

If what has been happening to our brother, BFSkinner, was a weather event, it might be described as a stationary tornado coupled with a hurricane which is frequently devastated by


Ted Cruz: The Celebrated Gas Bag


A few months ago - whether for spite or for fun - someone put me on Ted Cruz's email list. Late last night I received an appeal from Ted seeking a donation: "Because you have been one of my...Read more


The Reason I Can't Write Dispassionately [or even fairly] About The Clintons

DADTDP: don't ask, don't tell, don't pursue. DOMA: Defense Of Marriage Act I was 15 [16 when it came into effect] at the time of DADTDP coming to terms with who I was and how society...Read more


GOP front runners limp to New Hampshire


Standing next to Greatness is humbling..and I wept Sunday.

I had forgotten that I had written a long letter to Former President Carter when his grandson died.  I


Upside Downtrodden - episode 131


EPISODE 131 TOPIC: CO-OPS EPISODE 131 SEGMENTS: JUSTWORTHY CAUSE - EQUALEXCHANGE.COOP, WORDS TO LIVE BY EPISODE 131 GUEST: JESSIE MYSZKA We live in a world of make-believe, institutionalized by man-...Read more


Top Comments: "Enthusiams" Edition

No, it’s not a typo. I meant to write “enthusiasms” no matter how hard auto-correct has tried to foil it.


Who’s Afraid of The Zika Virus? How We Perceive Threat With Infectious Disease


My fellow Americans, there is a new disease among us. It has only recently begun to make its way to our country from Latin America, but it will surely spread farther. Discovered in Sub-Saharan Africa...Read more


Trump's reality TV audience thinks he's one of them


UK: A Fine Example Of How Money Pollutes Politics and Destroys Lives and Nations In The Process

Taxes should be paid where the sales generate profit, this in turn benefits those who actually buy the products. If money is continually siphoned out of an economy that economy will suffer. When...Read more


The Primary: The Impression Left Upon Reading The Comments on D-Kos

I thought of looking at this as if I never have seen this site before and if I was  blindly looking for information on the Democratic Party Primary.

Donald Trump

What Trump Might Say If He Loses Iowa

So, maybe the most intriguing thing isn’t whether Donald Trump will lose in Iowa. To me, it’s what he might say to explain away a caucus loss. He is, after all, the man who once told The...Read more

I think therefore I Bern

Why African-Americans should be turning out in droves to support Bernie Sanders


(c) 2016 Brenda Grantland , for Truth And Justice Blog republished with permission of the author As we celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday, this is a good time to think about how far...Read more

Bernie Sanders

I've Been Waiting My Whole Life for a Woman President, but I'm for Bernie

I just got my Medicare Card so that tells you how long I’ve felt the discrimination of being a woman and how long I’ve waited to vote for a woman for President. As a Registered Nurse I...Read more


The Case of the Curious Caucus


How wild will right-wing voters run, will Trump triumph or be lumped, will Cruz cruise or will he lose, and how many of the GOP menagerie won't make it past Monday's caucus? Will Hillary prevail and...Read more

Bernie or Hillary

Bernie or Hillary....My final decision and why

I hated to wade into these waters but finally, I must. If you like Hillary, that is cool. I have many friends on here who do support Hillary. I love them no matter who they are voting for. I have...Read more


Trump's endorsements


Stinky Water in Flint


Back in the day they would herd "undesirables" into gas chambers. Things are a bit more subtle in 2016. Gee, we really do live in interesting times. We really do! Less than two years ago,...Read more

Bernie Sanders

What is Bernie Sanders biggest weakness?


Sentiment Over Substance: How Presidential Candidates Talk About Addiction Without Saying Much Of Anything


It happened at the beginning of the New Hampshire Forum on Addiction and the Heroin Epidemic, well before the 5 mid-card presidential candidates who participated in the event showed up to speak...Read more


Bill Clinton endorsed Al Gore 44 days before the Iowa caucus. Why hasn't Obama endorsed Hillary?

Why hasn’t Barack Obama endorsed his former Secretary of State? There’s precedent. Bill Clinton endorsed and was giving speeches for Gore by this point in the 2000 election. There’s...Read more


Tina Fey spoofs Sarah Palin on 'SNL'

Now sit back and enjoy 5 minutes of pure comedy gold as Tina Fey plays Sarah Palin at her press conference endorsement of Donald Trump.Read more