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Will the Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis be the "rights" new Joe The Plumber?

Kim Davis Taken Into Federal Custody

Religious Oppression!


Sorry, but nothing to do with religion or religious beliefs

It is all to do with not upholding an oath of office.

Simple as that

In Whose Image Would The Party Be Rebuilt? With Poll

We always seem to get this proposal at some time in the presidential cycle. The top of the party decide that their party has been under-performing, probably due to some organizational strategy.

Top Comments: Watch the Foo Fighters Troll Westboro Baptist Church Protesters

Should voting be mandatory punishable by a fine?

Upside Downtrodden - Episode 121


Sometimes You Just Feel Like Puking

We were watching the news on satellite TV and for once it was not the news that made us feel ill, it was a couple of adverts.

What is Bernie Sanders position on Gun Control?

With so much miss information out there it's important for supports of a candidate to get the word out about where their candidate stands.

Would you support a federal law that permanently prohibited any person diagnosed with a mental illness to own a gun?