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Yes To Ed.....No No Yoho

3rd district of Florida ed emery

I spent a very pleasant afternoon this past Monday with Ed Emery .   I learned just how passionate Ed feels for the people in the 3rd district and how his ideas are some of the best I have heard from any person running for office.   This district would be well served with Ed in Washington.

Ed Emery is running for US Congressman for  the 3rd Congressional District in Florida.   This area is where the beautiful University of Florida sits.  Ted Yoho is currently the representative in the area and has met a very strong challenger with Ed in the running.  District 3 contains all of Alachua, Union, Bradford, Clay, and Putnam counties.  Unfortunately, Florida’s CD-3 only contains 2/3rds of Marion County.


This is the the newly redistricted 3rd  Florida District

Ed told me that he decided to run when he got so very tired of Washington not functioning . He said, “ It’s not working”. Ed was very open and honest with his ideas.   People should be proud to send such a hardworking man with a desire to make a difference to represent them, in my opinion.    I found his open ear  to suggestions and listening very inspiring.   He made notes and wanted to carry on an open dialogue about the future of our veterans, seniors, social security ,  health issues and education .  Ed also carried a huge passion for the incarcerated and the injustices he knows too well as a former probation officer.   Ed had spent the weekend celebrating Earth Day and making many aware of our fragile environment and the ongoing problems with Climate Change.  Ed could have talked all day on the need for the raise in minimum wage.  He said, “ I am a problem solver and I am willing and wanting  to take my seat in congress to solve problems for the  people.  He does not just want to talk about problems, he wants to solve them.

As he listened to concerns of the people and I saw this first hand with a visitor  who wanted to know more about him and he took her questions and explained some of his plans for the future.   Does that sound unique or what?  A  person running for congress with some solutions surely impressed me.  

I talked with Ed about his vision for not only the third district of Florida but his plans for the country as a whole.   He explained  to me that we had to look upon this Country as a 21st Century model of government and one that addresses the needs of the people.  He truly believes that the middle class has all but disappeared and that a vision for some of our federal dollar programs must be examined  as where we are now to secure where we need to be in the future.  He will be holding round table meetings with local veterans next week.   He desperately  wants to secure a National Summit regarding veterans  with veterans ,if elected .  This idea is long overdue regarding veteran issues. 

Ed spoke as an authority regarding  the judicial system and the cost of incarcerations .  He was appalled at the prison incarcerations and the inequality in America.   I found him to be a very passionate candidate on the issues that We the People need to be concerned with.   The first thing I observed was that he surrounds himself with top notch staff.   His campaign manager for example is a 100 percent disabled veteran.  She is well aware of military and veteran issues.   


My Meeting with a great Candidate;  Ed Emery (D) Congressional Candidate for the 3rd District- Florida

Meet Ed Emery

Hello, my name is Ed Emery.

I was born in 1959, in rural Eastman, Dodge County, Georgia. Both of my parents grew up in Alachua, Florida and all of my grandparents lived in Alachua for most of their lives. I loved visiting my grandparents in Alachua and I fell in love with the beautiful springs, rivers, and pastures that make up the North Central Florida area. No surprise when I chose to attend the University of Florida, graduating with my BS degree in Psychology in 1983. I met my wife, Judy, while working my way through college. In 1984 we moved to Santa Clara, California, to be close to Judy’s mother. However, we missed North Central Florida, and in 1987, we moved back to Gainesville where I secured a Probation Officer position with the State of Florida Probation and Parole Services. In 1988, I earned a Probation Officer position with the United States Probation Office, Northern District of Florida, Gainesville Division. While working as a Federal Probation Officer, I covered Alachua, Dixie, Gilchrist, Lafayette and Levy counties. In 1995, I was promoted to the Northern District of Florida’s Program Development Coordination, a position which included the training of staff in Gainesville, Tallahassee, Panama City and Pensacola. As a training officer, I worked closely with the Training Division of the Federal Judicial Center (FJC) in Washington, D.C.. I conducted training for the FJC in numerous District and Bankruptcy Courts, in addition to Probation and Pretrial Services offices across the country. I retired on December 31, 2009, after 21 years of service.


Ocala  Democratic Club

I want to represent you in Congress and make Congress realize that you want them to work together to ensure that industry and jobs return to America. It’s time for American Corporations to stop seeking cheap labor in other Countries, and start providing jobs for their fellow Americans. I want to encourage both parties to work together on balancing our worsening deficit. I also care deeply about protecting our environment and vow to defend it from individuals insisting climate change is merely a hoax. It’s time for climate change to be universally accepted in Congress like it is in the scientific community

I sincerely want people to help this candidate become the representative of the 3rd district of Florida.   I have written article after article of the pain this area is feeling from the representation we have in this area.  Ted Yoho is a Tea Party darling and if you would like to see the second most favorite teapartier in Congress lose his seat, then I highly suggest that you go to that link and donate to Ed Emery.  

Ed believes in the 50 state strategy which you and I know works.   We must familarize voters to these qualified people willing to go to Washington and make congress work.  They cannot do this alone.  They need your support and your help.  Please help me help Ed Emery replace Ted Yoho with problem solving solutions.   Ed is also a member of    and you can read up on him  and donate there as well.

I want to be clear about my wanting your help with this candidate.  Some of the solutions that Ed and his staff had in mind, is very much in line with my own ideas of how Florida can take better care of their vets.  Ed also can make life so much easier for the over 120,000 vets of the 3rd district area and it could help ease my vounteer work load as an advocate if things could get straight in this area.  I surely know what works as I worked closely with Senator Max Cleland and his staff for years in Georgia.  The solutions would not come overnight but they would eventually work into a functional system as other VA’s in different parts of the country do.  We have the largest population of veterans.  We have the largest budget allocated and one of if not the most dysfuctional Veteran care system in the country,   

If you live in the district, please lend a hand or   If you would like to help out with Meet and Greet or a Fundraiser, please let the campaign know.  Please kosmail me if you are interested in reaching out and I can arrange a meetup with the campaign heads.   If you live in the district, please write and tell Ed how you can help with the campaign.   We need his kind of plan in motion for the people to be represented  in congress.   I sat and talked to the candidate and believe very much in his promises.  If you live out of the district as I do, you can still help with any extra 3 or 4 dollars to throw in the hat.  Ed told me before I left, ‘i love to get out and meet the people”.  He said he had much rather do that than do the dialing for dollars which we know it takes to run a campaign but I have no problem begging for bucks when i truly believe in the candidate.   There are few campaigns that deeply inspire me. This was one campaign that REALLY INSPIRED.  

 Help us in Florida, especially in this area.  Please !

If you prefer snail mail, to donate... the address is as follows:

Emery for Congress, 1731 NW 6th St., Suite G, Gainesville, FL 32609

Ted Yoho should not hold this seat in congress.  Yoho has made speeches where he liked the idea of only property owners being able to vote.  This is disgraceful.  Voting is a right.  Please exercise your voice at the ballot box and help these down ballot candidates.  I have wanted justice and help for veterans for a very long time.  We will get the help we need by electing Ed Emery.

 A Presidential candidate is important but the president can do nothing without a working congress.


marching for Ed !