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This Yellow-Bellied Republican Rep Threatens To Cancel Town Hall If Protesters Show Up (VIDEO)

U.S. Representative Tom Emmer (R-Minn) straight up told his constituents that if they’re not nice to him, he will cancel his upcoming town hall meeting.

Emmer is currently scheduled to meet voters on Wednesday night at a town hall event in his state, however, according to his chief of staff, the senator will not grace the people of Minnesota with his presence should protesters sully the meeting with their uncouth blasphemous critiques.

Should this event turn into a disruptive display, or if there are any violent actions or threats, we will end the meeting and be forced to reassess our policy on town halls going forward,” David FitzSimmons in a statement. Among the behavior Fitzsimmons said qualified as ‘disruptive’ were ‘shouting’ and ‘chanting.’”

Setting aside the fact that the first amendment was designed specifically to allow citizens to voice their discontent to the government, which Emmer being an elected representative would represent at the meeting, what’s even more amazing is the fact that this guy doesn’t believe he’ll pay a political price for his arrogance. Politicians like Emmer honestly think that voters have a short memory and when it comes time for him to campaign for re-election, they will be so entranced by his empty campaign rhetoric that they’ll send him back to Washington.

Throughout the congressional recess, we’ve seen numerous examples of the contempt Republican politicians hold for their constituents. Look at what happened in Maquoketa, Iowa where GOP Senator  chose to walk out on her constituents instead of facing tough questions. Those Iowa voters serenaded the senator with chants of “your last term,” as she made a b-line toward the exit and into an awaiting escape car.

Constituents of U.S. Rep. Paul Cook (R-Cali) decided to post “missing” stickers on milk cartons featuring the congressman’s handsome mug.

Cook is just one of many GOP politicians who’ve decided to duck their constituents instead of facing the music. Thanks to President Donald Trump and his disastrous policy decisions accenting the overall astounding incompetence of his administration, many Republicans are finding it hard to both tow the party line and keep voters from burning their effigies. However, these politicians better get used the heat because the resistance is only getting warmed up.

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