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The Worst President in American History

We are now nearing the first awaited presidential debate between the Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Republican candidate Donald Trump. This debate will give us an insight into who will become the next president of the United States of America. At this time, no one can really be sure who the main contender is, current polls are showing that it is very close between the two candidates but Secretary Clinton holds a  with 44% over Trumps 41% in the National Polling Average. 

The first of four U.S. Presidential debates will air Monday, September 26 at 09:00PM Eastern Time and will take place at Hofstra University. Historically, the debates are incredibly important for undecided voters to decide which candidate they are more likely to give their vote to when the election happens in November. Four years ago, President Obama and then Republican candidate Mitt Romney battled it out against each other in the debates. Their first debate showed an uninspired President Obama being on the defensive against a well prepared Romney. That night, Romney was the one who won the debate as he presented his arguments in a convincing manner, while Obama struggled to gain any argumentative advantage over his counterpart. In the debates that followed Obama would be much more competitive and he eventually proved to be the better candidate as he ended up winning his re-election in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. What we saw in the first debate was quite a shock to many people at the time, and it was a reminder to Obama in particular, but also to anyone aspiring to become president in the future that one cannot rest on their laurels if one has the goal of convincing the public they are the right candidate for the main job in the White House. It will be no different this time, Clinton and Trump will both try their best to gain an early momentum and establish themselves as the favorite during the first presidential debate. 

Both candidates are the most in U.S. Presidential history. On one hand you have Clinton, former Secretary of State from 2009-2013 under the Obama administration and New York Senator from 2001-2009. The would-be first woman elected to the presidency is unpopular among American voters for more reasons than one. She is considered a by critics on account of her support for the Iraq war in 2003 and for . Take this into account and add that surrounds her person and it is not difficult to understand why so many people have a unfavorable view regarding her candidacy. That being said, her opponent Trump is no less controversial to many Americans. 

What can be said about Donald Trump that has not already been said about him? He is an American business man and entertainer who has taken not just the U.S. population by storm, but the whole world as well. So it is not just American voters who dislikes the notion of a Trump presidency, that the population outside of the U.S. are not inclined to think he will be a good president. As with Clinton, there are more reasons than one for people whether they are American or non-American to not be enthusiastic about a potential Trump presidency. The republican candidate has himself been marred in  over the years, and during this election cycles he has angered a whole mass of people because of his use of language in speeches at his rallies. Trump has called for a . as a solution to lessen terroristic threats from Islamic extremists after the San Bernardino attack in December 2015. He has since , which does not really come as a surprise since he is known to on different issues. To say the least, Trump is not in any sense a prototypical political candidate, in fact he is the complete opposite for reasons mentioned already but also because of the obvious fact that he has never in his life served as a public official. 

The first debate will show who holds the advantage between Democrats and Republicans. For the time being Clinton seems to have more support among the electorate and her campaign slogan 'I'm with Her' is based on her being an experienced politician of the establishment order in Washington D.C. who can be trusted to uphold the "status quo." However, this should not be considered an advantage when it is all said and done as the U.S. Congress has a  amongst the American electorate. With Trump you have a billionaire outsider who has promised to 'make America great again' if he wins the election. 

This is the chance Trump has been waiting for, he will strike fast and hard at Clinton who will do her best to maintain composure and try to make her seem like the only adult on stage. If her strategy succeeds it might just be enough to extend her lead in the polls so much that Trump may not recover, even with the three additional debates that will follow this one. But if she fails to appear more composed than Trump while at the same time not being able to present her case for the presidency in a positively argumentative way, it will cast a huge shadow of a doubt on her chances to win the election. This debate will in all likelihood be very different than any other presidential debate in U.S. presidential history.

What will transpire during and after the first debate will give everyone who pays attention a good idea on how electable these people are in reality and what they claim to be standing for. One of these two candidates will be the next U.S. President, that is the only thing anyone knows for sure at this point. With all this mind, there is one more thing that all of us should be aware of going forward: The U.S. population will on November 8th have to elect the worst ever presidential nominee to enter the White House. There is no way around it, these are to have ever been considered for the American presidency. In four years time, USA and the world will be in a worse state than it is today. You better believe it.