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‘Worse Than Katrina’: Trump INTENDED To Ignore Puerto Rico Disaster Scene

It’s hard to imagine that perhaps Donald Trump didn’t know until recently that Puerto Rico was an American territory. Wait, I said that wrong. It’s easy to imagine that he didn’t know, it’s hard to think about the fact that he didn’t. I’m gonna go ahead and call that a fact, and I guess my readers can take it up with me if I’m proven to be wrong. But here’s why I think he may not have. Bear with me for a minute.

  • Everything Trump has said recently — “It’s an island, surrounded by water” — points to him knowing next to nothing about Puerto Rico
  • He keeps talking about the “cost” (and recouping the cost) of rescue and recovery efforts in PR, something he didn’t do with Texas or Florida when Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit
  • He demanded the State Department “limit” evacuees’ passports until they signed promissory notes to repay the cost of their evacuations…
  • …which means he had no idea Puerto Ricans don’t need passports to come and go between the island and the mainland…
  • …which means he probably has no idea, maybe even now, that Puerto Ricans are American citizens

With that in mind, every American should read the following. Holly O’Reilly is perhaps best known for a piece she wrote in the Washington Post about being blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump while everyone was wondering whether that was legal or not. But Holly was also an organizer of “March For Truth” and works with CrowdRescue, an online platform that crowdsources information about disaster relief and passes it on to those that can do the most good with it — they “help the helpers.” But here, Holly talks about a contact she has inside the government:

Again, none of that is hard to imagine is true. It’s just hard to swallow.

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