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‘Women Vote Trump’ Event At RNC Draws A Whopping 17 People

A Women Vote Trump event took place on Monday at the start of the Republican National Convention. Featured speakers at the event included Ann Stone and, of course, the black women who have been stumping for Trump all along, Diamond and Silk. The event was such a success that a whopping 17 people showed up.

It sure doesn’t look like this event is drawing much support to the misogynistic megalomaniac. It seems that the majority of women, even conservatives, know exactly what a Trump presidency would do to the United States and women’s rights, and they simply aren’t interested.

Diamond and Silk, who are hopefully being well compensated for turning their backs on both minorities and women in America, took the stage and proclaimed that Trump “can do no wrong in our eyes.” This brief video of their speech shows the massive crowd of people who turned out for the event.

Following the speeches, a question and answer session was held. However, with less than two dozen people in the room, including the speakers, it was mostly just the panel talking to each other and answering their own questions.

I think it is safe to say that this event was a huuuge failure. If this is any indication of things to come, Trump is in serious trouble. Even Republican women don’t want to give him their vote after witnessing his blatant misogyny. In the meantime, you’ll have to excuse me while I look at the stellar turnout for this Women Vote Trump event and LMAO one more time.

Featured image via Twitter