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This Woman Publicly Shames A Nazi In His Own Driveway, Internet Cheers (VIDEO)

When Page Braswell drove down the road looking for “The Nazi House,” she joked that it was “of course” the white house on the corner. She’d been past it before since it’s in her neighborhood in Mount Holly, North Carolina. But this time, she decided to stop by and see what the giant Nazi flag out front was all about.

Now, there’s a meme that’s been circulating the internet for years of that the term “grow a pair” — in reference to having, uh, testicular fortitude — is probably said about the wrong genitalia. But honestly, I was surprised that this video of Page didn’t show a brass set of each on the dash.

When she arrived at Joe Love’s house at 403 Forestway Drive, she pulled into the driveway, all the while narrating her mission: To ask the stupid asshole inside why he was flying a Nazi flag. Helpfully, the troll-man emerged from his cave when he saw a car enter the drive, and he met her there on the concrete. The exchange that followed was absolutely priceless, especially in light of the to the Gaston Gazette after Page’s video went viral:

I put three different flags out here, which were all Confederate flags. Every one of them got stolen. I put this one up, nobody wants it. That used to be a religious symbol in India until Hitler got ahold of it. A lot of people don’t know that… I agree with the symbol as it started out as a religious symbol. But as far as backing Hitler and being a white supremacist and Hitler, I’m not into that.”

Two things here, Joe. One, literally everyone knows that the swastika used to be a religious symbol. I learned that shit on a playground more than 30 years ago, in a town with a population of about 18,000. And two, that’s not a Hindu flag. That’s the one the Nazis used. Everybody knows that, too.

When Joe asked her what kind of flag she flies, she told him she had a rainbow flag. You can see how he took that in the video. Page doesn’t actually have a rainbow flag, though she wants one, she told the Gazette. So why did she say it? Same reason she stopped there in the first place:

They’ve got to be brave every day. There’s no reason I can’t be brave for two minutes. If people are doing it, we need to call it out. If we don’t, it’s just going to get worse.”

Watch the awesome video here:

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