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Wisconsin is Now Giving the Finger to People Who are Laid off

Upside down land prevails in Wisconsin.

Many people get laid off with the expectation of being called back to work. Retooling, renovations, seasonal market changes, are among other factors cause people to be temporarily laid off. In Wisconsin, we used to understand that. Well, we did until the Republican Plague infected us in 2011. We gave people 52 weeks after a layoff before mandatory job search requirements kicked in. Now, Scott Walkers Wisconsin .

This isn't a piece of legislation that can be fought. There won't be any discussion, no hearings, no nothing. It's a decision made by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. As with all state government agencies, it's headed by a Scott Walker appointee.

Previously, such people could have up to 52 weeks' exemption from the requirement to search for a new job. Now, they will have eight weeks' exemption, with a possible extension to 12 weeks.

The exemption — or waiver — of the work-search requirement for up to 52 weeks had been in place since 2004, department spokesman (for the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development) John Dipko said. Before that, Wisconsin limited the waiver period to 12 weeks, he said.

(information in italics is my addition)

In other words, while waiting to be called back to work, people will have to apply for 4 jobs a week, submit verification of those searches, register at the Job Center of Wisconsin's website, post a resume there (yes, you must do that on a computer).