In Wisconsin The Cronyism and Extremism Just Got Worse; No abortion for you. 

In Wisconsin The Cronyism and Extremism Just Got Worse; No abortion for you.

No, he has no shame.

Cronies, cronies everywhere is Scott Walkers modus operendi. It used to be confined to government jobs, agency and department heads, or appointments. No more.

These appointments are also so bad, Walker reverted to a tried and true trick: announcing the appointments the Friday before a 3 day holiday week end believing that nobody would notice. I noticed.

Now, it extends to judgeships which are now being filled with political cronies.

Scott Walker has a long history of cronyism. Walker had so many cronies and campaign donors to take care of that he had dozens of civil service jobs changed so that he could take care of his friends and benefactors.

Yesterday, Karoli wrote about one of the most recent and most egregious of these when Walker appointed the son of Michael Grebe, one of Walker's dark money masters, to the Wisconsin University Board of Regents.

And that's not all...

Now that he's been safely re-elected to another 4 year term, Walker is extending his cronyism to open judgeships. He's just appointed Rebecca Bradley (member of the Republican National Lawyers Association and past President of the Milwaukee Federalist Society which you won't read in the linked article by the Walker-loving press because she's trying hard to scrub those connections from her official record) to fill a vacancy on the District 1 Court of Appeals. Insiders say she's being fast-tracked to a seat on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

So, yes, she's an ideologue, but that's not my real concern here. This is:

It should be noted that Bradley served for only two years at Children's Court and didn't handle all of the duties of that assignment. Obviously, Walker didn't appoint her for her experience.

That's right, folks. Barely any experience as a Judge, she's now got a fat Appeals Court gig.

It's not only Bradley that's a problem, it's also Attorney Jim Troupis, appointed by Walker to fill a Dane County Circuit Court Judgeship after a panel to review and vet 4 applicants for the seat rejected them all.

So, who is this guy?

Troupis was a partner at the Madison law firm of Michael Best & Friedrich before starting his own law firm in 2010. He worked with Republican legislators during their redistricting of the state following the 2010 census and also represented state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser in the recount of the 2011 election.

A lot of lawyers left Michael Best & Friedrich after their participation in sleazy schemes was exposed. They were even replaced as the law firm representing Legislative Republicans in Wisconsin as well as Scott Walker. But, by then, they had done their dirty work and Walker just went and hired one of the firms that split off assuming nobody would notice.

And then there's this:

Gov. Scott Walker has appointed the son of his campaign chairman and president of one of the state’s leading conservative foundations to the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents.


Michael M. Grebe, son of Michael W. Grebe, president and chief executive of the Bradley Foundation, was appointed Friday to the Board of Regents. Michael W. Grebe served as Walker’s campaign chairman for the 2010 and 2014 elections as well as the 2012 recall election.

Nothing like stacking the deck with your pals and sons of donors regardless of their lack of experience.

This is the same Board of Regents where a student appointee, formerly named, was unceremoniously dumped after Tea Party groups discovered he signed a recall petition. The database that was created has been systematically used to identify "enemies" and has been used to exclude signers from employment opportunities or identify them as extreme partisans.