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Wis GOP Leader: Prayers and Luck Haven't Worked to Improve Economy

Wisconsin is falling apart and he's on the road campaigning

Wisconsin Republicans have met reality and they don't like it. Their subsidies and tax cuts for the 1% and severe austerity for everybody else have produced in state revenue adding to their budgetary woes.

Walker, an all but certain presidential candidate, and legislative Republicans have said for months that a revved up economy, fueled in part by their tax cuts, would lead to more tax money than projected through June 2017 and help them mitigate the education cuts.

Yeah, riiiiight. The belief that austerity budgeting, serious cuts to basic services, along with plenty of tax cuts for the rich and corporate (who get subsidies, too!) would all work like magic to create an economic miracle is the real Religion of the Right. They cut taxes and think the Trickle Down Fairy will pour an avalanche of dollars into state coffers to fund their pet projects, corporate subsidies, crony salary increases, and fuel, of course, even more tax cuts for their rich donors.

They remain confused that despite their best efforts over nearly 40 years, the economic miracle never, ever happens. I keep reminding them it's like going to your boss and asking for a pay cut because you're in debt up to your eyeballs and can't keep up with your bills.

"For those of us who have been crossing our fingers and going to church on Sunday, it didn't work," Vos (Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester) Vos, said of the flat tax projections. "We'll figure a way to make it all work out in the end."

(my addition in italics is for clarity, bolding is also mine to emphasize the stupidity)

The stupid .... it burns.

Of course it didn't work. But Republicans are filled with belief (now apparently accompanied by prayer, rabbits feet and 4 leaf clovers) that if they keep on cutting taxes for the rich that one day it's going to work. Apparently that Koch money comes with extra added brainwashing, too, that enable pesky facts and a long history (40 years for anyone counting) of failure to be continuously ignored.

Reality bites.

It's been so easy for them to avoid responsibility for over 4 years. They blamed Democrats and unions and protesters and liberals. Their faithful media stenographers spread the word. But now, they've owned the place for over 4 years, had no protests, got rid of unions, and used their RW generated  "who signed the recall petition list" to ensure that signers don't get hired or use their signature to pigeon-hole them as ideologues who should be denigrated or ignored. Yes, a million people are now considered to be no-goodniks.

They have run the state into the ground and there's nobody left to blame. Small wonder they're stroking their good luck charms and praying so hard. Maybe they'll blame Jesus next.