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#WinWithWestlund in Wisconsin

When Kelly Westlund announced her candidacy for US Congress in December 2013, she was called a long shot candidate going up against a two term incumbent. Now with less than two months till election day, Westlund has moved from an unlikely contender to the 2014 cycle’s ‘dark horse’ underdog. She is one of Democrat’s lone pick up opportunities for the House of Representatives.

She has a growing coalition of support, from national union organizations, to local environmental nonprofits, to Progressive action PACs. Participation is easy. We will be using #WinWithWestlund beginning at 6:00 pm central on September 23rd. But to concentrate our efforts and demonstrate the power of our collective voices, there will be one twitter storm at 6:00 pm central time.


Please feel free to customize and use any of these sample tweets beginning on

September 23 starting at 6:00 pm central.

Hard working families need the opportunity to succeed. Let’s #Raisethewage and get Wisconsin back to work. We can #WinWithWestlund.

We deserve a government that works for us, not against us. Elect to Congress! #WinWithWestlund

Our service­members and #veterans need our support 100% of the time. Not only when it’s politically convenient. #WinWithWestlund

Investing in our infrastructure and our schools are what’s going to get Wisconsin back to work! #WinWithWestlund

No unfair trade deals! We need #jobs to stay in Wisconsin and America. #WinWithWestlund #wiunion

We need . in Congress b/c she knows when working people succeed our country succeeds. We can #WinWithWestlund

. is not afraid to stand up to powerful interests and stand for the middle class. #WinWithWestlund

Let’s close tax loopholes so everyone, even millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share. #WinWithWestlund

Working ppl deserve good paying jobs and a living wage. A vote for is a vote for opportunity. #WinWithWestlund

In 2014, women are paid 77 cents for every $1 dollar paid to male counterparts. Let’s close the wage gap! #WEmatter #WinWithWestlund


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