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Why the state should pay pensions to young?

In France are advanced mass protests against raising the retirement age. Young people, as usual, sets fire to cars and smashed shop windows. Trade unions are blocking oil refineries. At the gas station turn wild. Seventy percent of the population is opposed to his government. The French, like all normal people in other countries, want the government to pay the pensions as much as possible and as soon as possible. Institute of pensions is one of the achievements of civilization. But is it?

One hundred years ago, caring for the elderly fell only on the shoulders of children. Consequently, the parents were interested in having more children and raise them in a spirit of respect for elders. Once the State has declared that he takes care of the elderly themselves, immediately began to break down the family.

After all, family - is, first of all, the economic concept. However it was easier to survive. Singles usually slid to the bottom of life.

Now you can easily live alone. Fast Food in youth and old age home in old age belize offshore companies. Marriage - a civilian or a guest. And all believe that the state is obliged to provide money for the elderly.

And here lies the root of all evil. In fact, the state must financially support young people, provided that they provide the older generation. A father surrendered to a shelter - a three-year general regime or a huge fine. The state should help only those who have no able-bodied children.

Perhaps, then, and will return to traditional values. And the kids in the family will increase. And young people will begin to respect their elders, and they no longer saw the children for their lives. The family will be a tangible unit of society, as before, and not something covered with dust and the relic of centuries.

No economy can have a huge and growing number of non-working citizens. Only the family is obliged to care for their children and the elderly. And it has almost none.

The state is obliged to support the family. And it, at least in our country, trying to get rid of crumbs in the form of small cash injections for older people. And the money collected from the working population in the form of taxes. In Russia, now retired and symbolic. And no rebels, as opposed to requiring Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and low retirement age in France.

Of course, change the pension system will not work quickly. How to deal with the boquete panama current, albeit constantly depreciating pension savings? The old way of life is broken and come back to it is very problematic. But perhaps it is worth a try?

Sooner or later the Institute of pensions, in its present form, be sure to wither away. Or the huge social commitment will destroy any state.

Meanwhile, French trade unions are trying to ruin the French economy. But the French authorities bitterly remember those who came up with a hundred years ago to pay pensions. And it seems that in the struggle of workers and the state winners will not be.