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Why I disagree with making Tiger Lily white in the new Peter Pan Movie

Tiger Lily

Today I took my kids to the movies with the intentions to see Paddington Bear. But the show time for that movie was later in the day then I anticipated. So we saw SpongeBob instead. While we waited for the movie to start we saw a few previews. The usual movie experience. But then a specific preview caught my eye. It looked very exciting and something I would see without the kids. That movie preview was Pan. It's the new Peter Pan movie that takes place before Peter was in Neverland.

But my excitement soon turned to confusion when I noticed one of the main charters, Tiger Lily was being portrayed by a white women, Rooney Mara? Now let me say, Rooney Mara is an amazing actress! I mean Amazing. But I kept thinking to myself this couldn't be. I'm all for people of different race's portraying fictional or even real characters. But Tiger Lilly is a different story for me. Why? Well it goes back to the original animated Peter Pan movie in 1952. There was a song so offensive that I felt Disney still hasn't paid full penance for. And one way to make it right in my book was to portray Native people in a more dignified way whenever they remade Peter Pan. And that day has arrived, but now Tiger Lilly is white so it doesn't count no matter how positive the Native people in this movie are portrayed.

Here's the song I referenced above called "What Makes The Red Man Red". You can take a listen and decide for yourself.