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Who Does Obama Think He is; a Republican?

George W. Bush was arrogant. He loved to brag and brag big – flying to an aircraft carrier to deliver a speech under a banner declaring “Mission Accomplished” a few months after the beginning of the war in Iraq, claiming victory for a war that would take several years to complete, and then by another president.

President Obama ordered and oversaw the attack on Osama bin Laden that ended in his death, even though some in his cabinet, including Vice President Biden advised against it. It was a huge success.

Here we are, one year later from the anniversary of that successful mission and Republicans are outraged that President Obama dared to brag about, or otherwise they’re saying without actually mouthing the words; who does he think he is; a Republican?

I have this habit every time a Republican slams Obama for one thing or the other, I say to myself; who does Obama think he is; a Republican? I of course, say this in the most sarcastic way.

A couple of years ago, Obama dared put his feet up on the Oval Office desk. A photo came out showing him in this position and Republicans were outraged; oh how arrogant!  Who does Obama think he is; a Republican? Republican presidents along with Democratic presidents have been putting their feet on that desk for a long time now and there are plenty of photos out there to prove it.

Obama goes on vacation with his family and Republicans are outraged. Who does he think he is; a Republican? George W. Bush spent more time on vacation than any other president, but then; he’s a Republican.

Obama shows up on a late night show and sings or participates in some way that’s entertaining and Republicans are outraged. Who does he think he is; a Republican? Presidents, including Republicans have been showing up on late night TV and dances, sings, tells jokes, all in the name of a little fun, but President Obama doing the same thing is just not acceptable to Republicans.

Obama goes on a golf outing and Republicans are outraged. Who does he think he is; a Republican?

I usually keep my sarcasm to myself; it’s like a personal and private joke to myself but there have been so many times that I have watched as these incidents keep adding up that I just had to share them with my readers.

Why do the Republicans have such animosity for this man? Even with past Democratic presidents, they’ve never been quite this critical. If Obama opens his mouth or does anything at all, he’s bound to get criticism from Republicans and conservatives. He might as well do whatever he wants to do because he’s going to get criticized for it one way or the other by Republicans.

Besides trying to deny him credit for anything that he has accomplished, they have shown a complete lack of respect for not only the man but for the office he holds, and this coming from the party who use to be so outraged if anyone dare say anything negative about George W. Bush, often claiming that because he’s the president, we need to give him respect he didn’t even deserve.

I’m not saying Republicans shouldn’t criticize Obama at all but I also think they need to be more balanced with their criticism. Certainly President Obama has had his successes and if Republicans want to show themselves to be fair and balanced, then they should give the man credit when he so deserves.

The GOP seems to want to tell Americans, or at least the ones who vote, that President Obama is a complete failure and nothing he has done has worked. But, what they fail to take into consideration is that the American people can see for themselves the success or the failure of President Barack Obama by what is happening in their lives. It will be that one measure they will take to the polls on Election Day.