Who’s the Liar; Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Part One


June 8, 2012 by fidlerten

The accusation of “liar” goes around a lot in politics these days. Barack Obama has been called a liar many times, along with several other names, such as communist, Nazi and socialist.

Rep Joe Wilson (R-SC) yelled “You liar” during President Obama’s speech to Congress about the health care law, in response from Obama saying that the Affordable Care Act would not provide free coverage to illegal immigrants. The health care law doesn’t cover illegal immigrants but Rep Joe Wilson obviously didn’t bother reading it to find that out, better just to embarrass the president instead.

Calling someone a “liar” is a very disrespectful term and shows a lack of trust. When it comes to campaign promises, all politicians fail to live up to at least some of them – they get into office and find out things aren’t exactly as they thought they would be and they have to make some adjustments. Then some just simply lie when they make these promises, with no intention to actually do what they say.

Problem is it’s not always easy to tell the difference; was a broken campaign promise just a miscalculation by the candidate of what is doable? Or was it just a lie that the candidate used to get into office to do then what they really wanted to do, not what they promised. Intention is the determining factor here and it applies to both Republican and Democratic politicians.

As far as I’m concerned, if a politician lives up to at least half of their campaign promises, it shows that their intentions were to do what they said they’d do but after entering office, found those things weren’t doable. It’s especially true for a president that finds out there are some national security concerns he didn’t realize before he took office.

National security concerns could be the reason why Obama’s promise to shut down Guantanamo Bay didn’t pan out once he became president. I’m certain that once President Obama received his first national security briefing, he realized there were many things he didn’t know that were classified top-secret.

Then there are his economic policies; I do know that Obama did not know the extent of the damage that had been done to the country by the Bush administration. George W. Bush’s White House started two wars and funded two huge tax cuts that favored mostly the wealthy. Add on top of that the deregulation of banking laws that allowed the sub-prime mortgage bubble which led to the economic downturn. Barack Obama was not privy to a lot of that information when he was on the campaign trail making campaign promises.

I also figure that once it became clear that the Bush administration had brought us into a very deep recession, Team Obama had to reassess their White House plans and yet not back up on any of the promises they made before they knew of all the damage done to the economy; that would have been political suicide and for something they had no control over.

Still, I think Barack Obama has done quite well with both foreign policy and economic policy and I also believe he has managed to keep at least half of his campaign promises which is more than most politicians, including past presidents have done, once in office.

Let’s not forget the opposition he has faced since being in office, more than any other president has faced in history. For him to even have moderate success at keeping his campaign promises would be a feat in itself. There’s no telling how he would have done if he had at least a reasonable amount of cooperation.

No, I don’t believe that the president is a liar or that he on purposely made promises he didn’t intend on keeping. I see no proof from any source that President Obama has purposely lied about anything. And I think that it’s highly disrespectful for his opponents to call Obama, the man a liar but it’s even more highly disrespectful to insult the Office of the Presidency in such a manner as Rep. Joe Wilson did during the president’s address to Congress.

Look For: Who’s the Liar; Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Part Two – coming out tomorrow

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