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White Supremacist Like JT Ready Should Not Be Patrolling Our Borders?

A former Neo-Nazi Jason Todd Ready, known as JT, allegedly murdered four people, including a female toddler before killing himself. JT Ready belonged to a group called the U.S. Border Guard. This group patrolled the border we have with Mexico, looking for illegal immigrants trying to cross the border.

Mr. Ready had some violent criminal offenses from his past but nothing that would indicate he could commit such heinous killings. But, it was well known that JT was a white-supremacist, being a member of the National Socialist and a proud member at that.

The very name “U.S. Border Guard” would imply it is part of the United States Government. The civilians who make up that group dress in camouflaged uniforms and carried weapons, which would make anyone who wasn’t familiar with the group, actually believe they were part of the U.S. Border Patrol.

It may be true that our federal government is not doing enough to secure the borders but I do know that since the Obama Administration has been in office, enforcement of immigration laws has been stepped up  extensively. I think most Americans would agree that if anyone is going to patrol our borders, they should be law enforcement officers and not vigilantes.

Proponents of groups like U.S. Border Guard would have us to believe that these groups are made up of decent; law-abiding citizens but members of hate groups such as the Neo Nazis are not what I call decent, even if they’re law abiding. I do know of the violence associated with groups like the National Socialist.

Why groups like the U.S. Border Guard are allowed to operate is a question maybe we ought to be asking our government about. If we don’t believe the federal government is doing a good enough job, then we need to insist the federal government do a better job at the ballot box.

I believe I speak with many Americans when I say, “We don’t want those few in our society who represent hate and believe they’re supreme over anyone who is different than they are, guarding our borders as though they represented who we are as a people.”

States like Arizona, where JT Ready was from, have passed laws to target illegal immigrants by local law enforcement. Much controversy surrounds Arizona’s new immigration law and it’s now before the U.S. Supreme Court which very well might let some of the law stand if not all.

I don’t put much faith in a law that allows even local law enforcement officers to determine the legal or non-legal status of anyone they might suspect. It reminds me way too much of the kind of profiling that went on in the 50s or even the 60s.

It also seems that there are some who would like to take us back to that era where white people dominated over those of color. Some in our government have opened their arms to white supremacist over the course of this last decade, giving legitimacy to racism.

JT Ready also had close ties to former Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce a Republican. Sen. Pearce has tried distancing himself from the well-known racist, now that the man allegedly murdered four people. Still, why do racist always tend to be closely tied to Republican lawmakers in the first place? I’m not saying of course, that all Republicans are racist but if someone is a racist, it’s most likely – that is if they have any political affiliation at all – they’re Republicans. I say that from my own observations, though I’ve met a few Democrats who’re racist also.

One thing I do know, many of the Hispanics who try crossing over the border may be illegally crossing the border but they’re typically not criminals. I also believe that someone who is a white supremacist and a racist will not treat those they capture with the deference they should be treated as. Most Hispanics, who are sneaking over the border, do so to escape extreme poverty and are most generally good, hardworking individuals.