White Mississippi Republican Pretends He’s Sorry After HORRIBLE Pro-Lynching Remarks (SCREENSHOT/VIDEO) | THE POLITICUS

White Mississippi Republican Pretends He’s Sorry After HORRIBLE Pro-Lynching Remarks (SCREENSHOT/VIDEO)

Mississippi State Representative Karl Oliver recently decided to reinforce stereotypes about his state when he openly called for anyone who has a problem with statues of Confederate heroes being treated as shrines by racists across the country to be “LYNCHED” (Republican ALLCAPS are all him, man).

Oliver complained about the “destruction” of monuments that were not being destroyed — but removed — in Louisiana, complaining that lawmakers were acting “Nazi-ish” by removing symbols of hate that ignorant and hateful crackers inexplicably still celebrate despite their side losing a war in 1865.

Oliver then called for all who oppose these hate symbols to be “LYNCHED.”

House Chairman John Read and Rep. Doug Mcleod, both Republicans, “liked” the post.

After he faced backlash from, well, everyone who isn’t a moron, Oliver gave the standard canned fauxpology for his remarks, acknowledging that his choice of words was “in no way, ever,” appropriate and assuring everyone that even though he suggested it, he does “not condone the actions” he referenced, nor does he “believe them in [his] heart.”

“When say you’re from Mississippi, the first thing you have to prove is you’re not stupid,” Democratic Rep. Robert Johnson said, dismayed that Oliver had once again reinforced a popular and apparently true stereotype about his state.

“Every time I have heard or seen anything that dealt with a lynching … somebody on the end of the rope looked like me,” African-American Rep. John Hines, a Democrat, said of the remark.

On Monday, Oliver’s fellow lawmakers openly condemned his remarks, but he refused to stand before the House and apologize, though he did offer individual fake apologies to some of the African-American members.

Watch a report on Oliver’s hateful remarks below:

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