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White House Shocks America, Admits Trump Has No Idea What’s Going On (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s team has become infamous for the ridiculous way they defend him and try to hide his incompetence, but the latest statement from the White House may be a sign that the Trump administration is tired of covering up Trump’s failings as a ‘leader’, and has finally had enough.

Earlier today, a White House officially actually admitted that he didn’t know if Trump had read his own national security strategy! In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Trump national security spokesman Michael Anton confessed that he “can’t say” whether or not Trump knew what was in the 55-page document. Anton said in response to a question about whether or not Trump had read the document:

The president has been involved in the drafting of it from the beginning, has been presented with sections of it over the past many months and was briefed on the final document several weeks ago. The president himself personally led the presentation of the document to his Cabinet only about a week ago. … I can’t say that he’s read every line and every word. He’s certainly had the document, the entire, throughout the process and has been briefed on it. And remember, this document specifically is based on his words, it’s based on his campaign speeches and his major speeches this year. So this document is a summation of everything he’s been talking about for at least the past two years and really much longer.”

This is really pathetic. We all know that Trump doesn’t (and may not even have the ability to) read. That’s been proven. And we all know that Trump doesn’t have the attention span to be briefed on anything unless it’s in the shortest of bullet points. Trump likely has no idea what’s in this document, once again raising concerns that he is not fit enough or focused enough to lead the country. Considering that his team is now admitting that Trump doesn’t even know what’s in his own strategy documents, this really puts American in a vulnerable position.

At a time when America needs an experienced leader to lead us in foreign policy and protect the country, Trump is checked out and oblivious. It couldn’t be more clear that Trump needs to be removed from office, because pretty much anyone can run the country better than he can at this point.

You can watch the White House put Trump on blast below:

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