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White House Reveals Trump’s TRUE Mindset Before Firing Comey – It’s BATSH*T Crazy, Even For HIm

For more than a week, Trump worked on finding legit-sounding reasons to fire James Comey. Despite the fact that he said he wasn’t firing Comey because of the FBI’s Russia probe, that’s exactly why he fired him and everyone with at least two brain cells rubbing together knows it. White House officials have just revealed that, in the week prior to Comey’s firing, Trump had completely lost his marbles over his inability to control the narrative surrounding the Russia scandal, and over the fact that it wouldn’t go away.

But this isn’t the usual Trump-loses-his-marbles thing, where he rages at the television and on Twitter for a few days. , he repeatedly demanded to know why the Russia scandal wouldn’t go away, and demanded that his aides stand up for him.

He seemed to feel that Comey had betrayed him by refusing to “confirm” that Obama had tapped his phones at Trump Tower, and by admitting before the Senate that the FBI, in fact, investigating Trump’s campaign. No doubt Trump expected Comey to roll over for him in sheer gratitude for allowing him to keep his job at the FBI when everyone else thought he should go.

But the most deranged part of this was yet to come. Trump and his inner circle thought that firing Comey was the answer to some of their troubles. Republicans and Democrats alike had problems with him, and so they thought everyone would support Trump’s decision to finally get rid of him.

While it’s quite true that many Republicans and Democrats took issue with Comey due to his handling of the investigation into Hillary’s emails, they know better than to support the harebrained idea that firing someone in charge of one of those probes would solve part of the problem.

Chuck Schumer has called all Democratic senators to the floor this morning after warning Trump yesterday that firing Comey was a mistake. Trump fired back at him on Twitter in typical fashion:

Trump also frantically called Senators early yesterday evening, begging for their support. He wanted his surrogates on TV backing him up, and was upset that, for several hours, almost nobody was doing that. on Anderson Cooper’s show to try and defend him, but she actually did nothing but make Cooper raise his eyebrows and roll his eyes repeatedly. She insisted that this was about restoring confidence in the FBI and Cooper, like the rest of us, saw right through that.

that Trump has hired an outside law firm to send a certified letter to Sen. Lindsey Graham that’s supposed to somehow prove he has no connections to Russia at all. Spicer said that Trump welcomes the investigation, but nothing could be further from the truth given his recent actions.

and are both calling for independent investigations or select committees, as is former independent presidential candidate and noted . Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona said on Twitter that he can’t square Comey’s firing:

In other words, Trump’s flawless plan to make at least some of this go away was less than flawless. In fact, it probably wasn’t all that well-thought out, despite being a week in the making. Trump was angry at Comey’s betrayal and the exploding Russia scandal and wanted him gone and that was all he could think about. So in that vein, he thought all he needed was spin, and everything would work out.

He’s likely to get increasingly unhinged from here on out.

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