White House Launches New Website For Trumpcare, This Makes Trump Look Really, Really Bad (IMAGES) | THE POLITICUS

White House Launches New Website For Trumpcare, This Makes Trump Look Really, Really Bad (IMAGES)

The fact that the Republican Party continues to try to make the unnecessary repeal and replacement of Obamacare happen is beyond most of us. Their proposed health care plans have failed to gain support several times, and were shot down and criticized for being a disaster for the country, as the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare) would strip millions of their health coverage.

Despite all signs begging Trump and the GOP to give up, the White House has moved forward and just launched a new website to take on Obamacare’s repeal and replacement – but there’s one major thing wrong with it. There’s actually ZERO information about how Republicans are going to replace Obamacare!

Currently, this is what the  looks like:

That’s it. There is no plan, and no information about what Americans can expect once the GOP scraps the Affordable Care Act. This makes Trump and the GOP looks really, REALLY bad – especially when factoring in all of their previous health care fails over the last few months. The GOP spent years trashing Obamacare, and yet they can’t even come up with anything to replace it!

Trumpcare is extremely unpopular, but Trump probably thinks that if he can inspire enough people to hate Obamacare, Americans will rush to support the GOP’s new plan – which is terribly misguided. In fact, Trump’s approval rating plummeted even lower after he introduced Trumpcare, while the approval rating of Obamacare got higher!

This website won’t convince anyone to get behind the American Health Care Act. The bill is already widely unpopular, and this website won’t do a damn thing to help repeal and replace Obamacare. No one in their right mind would take this ridiculous website seriously, and it just makes the GOP and Trump administration look extremely incompetent.