White House Just Got BUSTED For Sending Trump Fake News About Hurricane Irma (TWEETS) | THE POLITICUS

White House Just Got BUSTED For Sending Trump Fake News About Hurricane Irma (TWEETS)

Donald Trump has just been exposed as the incompetent fool he is – by his own White House Social Media Director, Dan Scavino.

Two things that Trump loves to do is lie about how smoothly things are going in the White House (when it’s obviously imploding and chaotic beyond repair) and complaining about the media perpetuating what he calls “fake news” (which is really just another word for any unfavorable but true coverage about his failing presidency). But earlier today, Trump’s own team was caught spreading fake news to the president himself.

Political commentator Keith Olbermann brought this amazing incident to light, in which the Trump administration’s Dan Scavino was caught tweeting a false story about Hurricane Irma to Trump’s twitter account. The tweet that Scavino alerted to was a video of devastating flooding, which Scavino claimed to be Miami International Airport. The tweet said:

Sharing #HurricaneIrma on social media with and Pence hourly. Here is Miami International Airport. Stay Safe!”

It wasn’t long before Scavino got completely shut down by the Miami airport itself, calling out this fake news for what it was. Miami International Airport hit back and said:

The video is not from Miami International Airport.”

You can see everything go down in Olbermann’s tweet below, as he mocks the White House as “running like a fine-tuned machine”:

Once again, Trump and his team have proven that above all, they are the biggest sources of fake news, lies, and all around misinformation. Everyone in this administration is allergic to logic and facts, and no one bothers to do their research or fact check before spreading ridiculous stories to millions of people. Considering how much Trump cries about fake news, it’s truly ironic that his own social media director would be publicly exposed for spreading it. And honestly, if Miami International Airport hadn’t corrected this, Trump would have believed every word.

Featured image via Win McNamee / Getty Images