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White House Claims Trump Makes ‘Unprecedented’ Move With Puerto Rico – He Still Rages About NFL

Today marks the day Trump finally gave a true acknowledgment that 3 million American citizens are in desperate need of help after Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated Puerto Rico. It’s been a week and Homeland Security Director Brock Long, along with FEMA Director Tom Bossert, to handle the aftermath of the storm. Puerto Rico is without electricity, without water, and will be that way for weeks to come.

In a statement that’s become so typical of this administration, Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed the trip was part of an “unprecedented movement” to respond to the hurricane on the part of the administration. But while the cries for help from Puerto Rico have been getting ever louder, Trump is still doing this:

He and “important meetings” today, but nothing specific about Puerto Rico’s growing humanitarian problems at all.

Worse, the White House isn’t expected to send a disaster aid request to Congress until next week at the earliest, and probably closer to mid-October. Sure, it gets the ball rolling, as the Huffington Post’s Jennifer Bendery , but this is a little like trying to score another basket several minutes after the clock has run out. Puerto Rico needed help as soon as Maria had passed. This administration hasn’t quite ignored them totally—they’ve sent in Marines and members of the Army National Guard and Trump —but this response is lukewarm at best.

Yet Trump has been too busy airing grievances about bruises to his ego again to show he actually cares.

the Navy’s biggest hospital ship, the USNS Comfort, to the devastated island yet either. That ship has 1,000 beds and could accelerate the relief effort by speeding up treatment of the sick and injured. Puerto Rico’s own hospitals are having problems keeping up with demand for their services, and FEMA is working on getting emergency fuel supplies to them. But we haven’t deployed hospital ships there to ease the burden on their strapped facilities.

It’s so bad that Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, whose own state was devastated by Hurricane Irma, for Puerto Rico. Others on the Hill believe that Puerto Rico isn’t getting attention and aid nearly as quickly as Houston and Florida did after Harvey and Irma.

So “unprecedented?” So far, this administration hasn’t done anything unprecedented except drag its heels while whining about professional athletes exercising their First Amendment rights on the field.

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