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A White House Besieged

"In times of universal deceit,
telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
George Orwell

DISCLAIMER: No, I am not calling for the executions of the president of the United States or anyone within his corrupt and hideous entourage. I merely created the meme above to point out an unsettling historical fact. Chill.

News accounts emanating out of the District-of-You-Know-Where are informing us that the Donald is staying away from the Oval Office today, and is keeping himself hunkered-down in the family living quarters of the White House. Apparently he is monitoring the rapidly expanding implosion of his administration from there. That's probably just as well, I suppose. The fewer the eye-witnesses the better. For the many decades I've been following this knucklehead, I always got the strong feeling that he was having oodles of fun being Donald Trump. He can't be having that much fun any longer. In fact, I can easily imagine that being Donald Trump these days is a complete drag. It was never supposed to get this weird. He must be tearing his hair out at this very moment. Sad.

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were officially indicted by Bobby Mueller's office this morning.  To make matters worse, George Papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. All three of these gents were closely tied to the Trump campaign. Most of their alleged crimes involve financial ones - money laundering in particular. Since he announced his decision to run over two years ago, Trump has skillfully avoided revealing to the press and the public the content of his income tax returns going back the last decade-or-so. Due to the jaw-dropping cluelessness of the American voters, that might not have been quite as difficult a thing as it appeared. Hiding them is no longer an option - at least not a politically expedient one. His administration will not be able to continue unless he reveals everything. The irony is that once everything is revealed, the Trump White House is probably doomed.

Isn't this a riot?

As I have stated on this site too many times to calculate, you would have had to have been holed up in a bunker a hundred feet beneath the earth's surface not to see this catastrophe coming from two-hundred miles away. It doesn't say much for the civic stability of so many of us that we would allow something this awful to happen to our country in the year 2017. I lay an almost-equal amount of blame at the feet of the Democratic primary voters. Bernie Sanders could have beaten Trump. Hillary Clinton - quite obviously - could not. As we did eighty-five years ago, this country is not going to be able to save itself unless it takes a radical turn to the left. What part of this easily understandable reality are we still not able to get?

The administration of Donald J. Trump was in the process of implosion at the starting gate on January 20. By December the first, expect that implosion to be complete.

What are the historians of fifty yeas from now going to say? YIKES!

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


What FDR can teach today's Democrats
by Christine Wicker

This Op-Ed appeared in this morning's New York Daily News. It is something that should be read, and savored.


A shout-out to my friend, Carol Marie:

Thank you for the sympathy. Someday we'll do the tea.