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White Cop Caught Beating Black Man Tied To Chair Until He Went Blind (VIDEO)

Michigan police officers are in hot water after a surveillance video surfaced showing an officer beating a restrained black man inside a police station.

Detroit Fox 2 News reports that on Aug 10, 2015, a black man named Frankie Taylor was arrested for driving under the influence.

However, once he arrived at the Eastpointe, Michigan, police station, things quickly deteriorated into chaos, leading to Taylor suffering permanent blindness to one eye.

‘If you keep acting like a child, you’re going to get strapped in that chair and you’re going to stay there,’ an officer can be heard on tape Taylor.”

Department cameras caught officers dragging Taylor (who appeared to be extremely inebriated) to a chair, and restraining him. The officers threatened to tase Taylor several times, as they struggle to control his body.

As three large officers held him down, another officer entered the scene, first putting on purple gloves, then proceeding to viciously beat Taylor until he lost consciousness. All of the officers involved were white.

‘Stop resisting,’ the officer robotically repeated between blows to Taylor’s face and head. ‘Stop resisting. Stop resisting.'”

Taylor’s cries of pain and anguish can be heard very clearly on video.

“‘The guy hit me so many times, it made me cry once I seen the tape,’ said Taylor to Fox 2. ‘I was knocked out.'”

According to Taylor’s attorney, James Rasor, rather than taking Taylor to the hospital for medical treatment, they moved him to Malcomb County Jail the next day.

It took a few days before Rasor’s client was admitted to Detriot Receiving Hospital for eye surgery. Unfortunately, by that time it was too late.

‘He has permanent loss of eyesight in one eye. His vision is severely compromised,’ said Rasor. ‘He has these horrible nightmares.'”

The video shows Taylor complaining about not being given a phone call while he was being booked. As officers tried to move him, he fell down, which led to the violent sequence of events.

Taylor’s attorney says that Taylor was denied a phone call, unlike white detainees who were allowed to make calls.

‘You want to protect people from this type of brutality by police forces,’ said Rasor. ‘White folks were allowed to use the phone by police officers; even one who had urinated in his pants was allowed to use the phone. Frankie Taylor wasn’t, and the only difference is that Frankie Taylor happens to be African-American.'”

“‘I don’t feel like that I was a threat to the officers to the point that they had to hit me until I was unconscious,’ Taylor said. ‘I wouldn’t expect this from officers.'”

Conservatives will undoubtedly blame Taylor for being under the influence, or resisting, or not following commands. Because what else could the officers do but beat him blind, or shoot him?

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