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Which Republican Presidential Candidate is more likely to…?

The candidates who are still in the race to win the Republican nomination are an interesting bunch. It might be interesting to wonder who the most likely would be to:

  1. Have an affair while in the office of the presidency.
  2. Start a war with Russia
  3. Nuke Iran
  4. Give Sarah Palin a cabinet seat.
  5. Outlaw gay people. Have them all arrested and thrown in prison. Has the government spy on the internet to find who’s gay.
  6. Will be impeached.
  7. Will be assassinated
  8. Would make it illegal to vote unless you have a verifiable ID card stating that you belonged to the Republican Party.
  9. Go on “Dancing with the Stars “while in office.
  10.  Fire all liberal Supreme Court justices and recess-appoint, four solidly conservative justices, all who gave him a large contribution during his campaign or even bigger; to his super pac.
  11. Design a special federal prison for abortion doctors, even before he overturns Roe vs. Wade with his newly appointed, one-hundred percent conservative Supreme Court because he knows he’ll get what he wants anyway.  Torture, uh, we mean “enhanced interrogation techniques” will be allowed.
  12. Go on a three-month vacation to a tropical island where he has bought an oceanside villa and does this while still president. His reasoning being that he knew he could concentrate more on America’s problems if he’s overlooking the ocean with a few palm trees blowing in the breeze, far away from those problems. Other Republicans will come to his defense that he’s a brilliant man who just needs a relaxing environment while doing the nation’s business.
  13. Divorce his current wife while president and marry another two months later.
  14. Writes a book expressing his knowledge of golf, while still president.
  15. Has former President Obama arrested for something he did while in office.
  16. Give former president George W. Bush a medal for heroism and honor because of his actions shortly after 9/11 and the tough decision he had to make concerning going into Iraq.
  17. Start a federal program to teach poor kids how to sweep and mop floors, and then calls it a program of opportunity.
  18. Demand Congress pass a law declaring the Bible as being the law of the land.
  19. Order a top-secret multi-wiretap of all suspected liberals.
  20. Punches out a reporter.
  21. Ignorantly makes a racially insensitive joke while giving his first State of the Union.
  22. Gets impeached for making profits on insider information he obtained while president and criminal charges are placed on him. He’s of course pardoned by his vice-president before he ever sees the inside of a jail cell.
  23. God speaks to him and demands that he makes the new National Religion which was passed by his Republican Congress, his own religion, which is the only right religion, he declares.
  24. Impeached because he tried to destroy the world and that was because God spoke to him and said He wanted him to start Armageddon and then He would finish it.
  25. Declare himself Ronald Reagan returned from the dead
  26. Destroyed the world.

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