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When History Is Repeated, We Are Defeated

Another gunman, another senseless massacre. A reprise of calls not to politicize the tragedy. Will we find the fortitude for sensible solutions or fall to the familiar fate of silent stagnation?

Another budget "crisis" created by Congress, more showdowns and potential shutdowns, ever more efforts to oppose and undercut Obamacare. When will we find the force to fight this foolishness?

Nearly another war with fuzzy goals and foggy strategy, but diplomacy has stalled that misadventure for now. Nearly a recycled revival for Larry Summers, but advocacy has led the Fed away from that folly.

Seems we've heard many of these stories before, but when we learn from history, we can make a better choice. When we let history be repeated that we all are defeated.

From the tragedy at the DC Navy Yards to forging an international response to the crisis in Syria to the drunken drama unfolding on Capitol Hill, let's all hope our leaders studied these history lessons.

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