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What’s black-and-white with Freddy Gray

In Baltimore, the clear tragedy of Freddie Gray has marked yet another death of a black male at the hands of those in uniforms of blue, leading to protests that are many shades of gray.

The issue has entered presidential politics, as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both addressed complicated issues about blacks and whites, with conclusions that are hardly black-and-white.

And while we affirm #BlackLivesMatter in the U.S., our hearts are shadowed by thousands of lives lost in an earthquake that shook Nepal to its core.

While many march saying, “We are Freddy Gray,” many more of us are simply feeling gray: clouded and confused, searching for clarity, in a world gone very out of focus.

Meanwhile, there’s Bernie Sanders — who is about to color outside the lines in the 2016 Democratic primary.

Share frustrations and fears, as well as hopes and cheers, as we raise our voices and raise up our beers at your local progressive social club.

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