What is the state? Causes of the device and

What is the state? Causes of the device and

All the living came into this life, when the world has already been formed. Even before the birth of our planet was divided between the states. They control the territory and population, organize and structure that surrounds us. They make laws and make them perform. And we have to accept these rules of the game, good or bad.

We can change the country of residence, but in reality, some rules will be replaced by others, and only through self-hypnosis can prove that these "new" is better. Only time again there is reason for discontent. Someone does not like the country's foreign policy, and someone shifty dealers to the nearest market or inaction of the authorities regarding immigrants.

Before the break and blame, let's first try to understand the question ...
What are the causes of the state?

Imagine that all are equal and the same. Each grows corn and vegetables, livestock keeping, sewing clothes and boots itself, sculpts in clay dishes, and at leisure payaet radio. Then he teaches children, produces metal, wood sawing and making his furniture, building a house and engaged in self-medicate. It is doubtful? Yes! In a world of so many spheres of activities that cover all just unreal. You can certainly try, but you still have the ability to have all this.

So the idea of ??division of labor is quite logical and specialization is one of the foundations of modern society. And what is specialization (to a certain level), the more developed society and the more chances we have to survive. Why "to a certain level?" You need a medical specialist in the left nostril? Here I am about this.

But plunging in only one sphere of life, we automatically give the rest to someone, hoping that they will do everything just right. And here one day it may be that with the arrival of winter out of your clothes and sandals panamku only, and your child is a student of mathematics and physics instead fluent in magic, voodoo and the theory of breeding kangaroos in the Arctic Circle.

Calling helpers in the logic, we conclude that the need for verification and correction. Should someone look a little on top, to see the big picture and in time to say: "Guys, you can not." And except for personal survival and prosperity, there is a global problem. Life "here and now" will not leave a chance for future generations. Homeland - it's not only the family, and this area, and all the people with whom we are linked by a common language, culture and history.

Another reason was the need for a single measure of labor. If your land grows only carrot (exaggerated), but want bread and circuses, the first thought - to exchange one for another. Once or twice an option pass, and then you just fail and have to come up with more complex schemes: a carrot to beetroot, cabbage, beet, and its already on the bread. When bartering likely to develop non-productive areas of activity is not there. There were no scientists with the abstract, at first glance, research. No education. Culture at the "merry for food."

Therefore need a measure that is the money. And the money for a single state of the sample, with the sole source of production, not to fake and was able to control the ratio of cash and manufactured goods.


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