What did Devin Nunez learn? Patience, just wait for the tweet. | THE POLITICUS

What did Devin Nunez learn? Patience, just wait for the tweet.

     That Devin Nunez Q&A session a couple of hours ago was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. The Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, learning new information, and then running immediately to the White House to fill in Da Boss. And let’s not forget that this is the same guy who agreed with the WH to try to talk down down the importance of the investigation he was running. But what in the hell did he learn?

     Fortunately, I don’t think we’ll have long to want to find out, Nunez is running to the last person in the world you want to share a secret with, the Human Twitter 411 service. To my mind, there’s just something about the sudden staging that indicates that this is not good news for Trump. If it was, Nunez could slow down, share it with the committee, tease the press, then just quietly head over to the WH to share the good news with Trumpelthinskin.

     But either way, I can’t see us having to wait very long to find out, no matter what the news. If it’s good news for the Trump cabal, he’ll take to twitter to gloat, even if he doesn’t go into exact details, although the man is so politically clumsy that whatever broad brush strokes he lays out, there may be enough paint to fill in the blank spots. If it’s bad news, Mein Furor is going to want to get ahead of this, start to spin it, if for no better reason than to blame somebody else or make lame excuses.

     Based on past experience, Trump’s total inability to control his impulses will force him to act as soon as possible. But if somebody like Priebus gets in the way, wants to have a skull session on how bad this is, and how to effectively deal with it, then I think we can look for a 3 a.m. tweet, which might be even worse, since he will have been steaming and stewing about it for hours.

     So, “patience grasshopper”. Good things come to those who wait, and knowing Trump as we do, I don’t think the wait will be very long.