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WH Press Secretary Cries In Press Briefing, Then Disrespects Every Las Vegas Victim (VIDEO)

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was uncharacteristically emotional during a press briefing when she spoke about the amazing acts of heroism that occurred during the Las Vegas shooting.

Fighting back tears, Sanders said:

What these people did for each other says far more about who we are as Americans than the cowardly acts of a killer ever could.”

This shooting was responsible for the deaths of 59 people and injuries of over 500. Wrapping up her opening, Sanders continued to get choked up as she said:

The memory of those who displayed ultimately expression of love in the midst of an unimaginable act of hate will never fade. Their examples will serve as an eternal reminder that the American spirit cannot and will not ever be broken.

In the days ahead, we will grieve as a nation, we will honor the memory of those lost as a nation, and we will come together united as one nation, under God, and indivisible.”

Unfortunately, this genuine moment wouldn’t last long – after all, this is Donald Trump’s administration. After her emotional statement, Huckabee Sanders went on to take questions from reporters, where she quickly disrespected all victims.

As she was asked by reporters about whether or not now is the time to take action on gun control, Huckabee Sanders said this:

Today is a day for consoling the survivors and mourning those we lost. Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with all of those individuals. There’s a time and place for a political debate, but now is the time to unite as a country.”

Huckabee Sanders added, “It would be premature for us to discuss policy.”

Like always, it’s never the right time for the Republican Party to get serious about gun violence. If the White House is not willing to discuss gun policy now – right when it’s just become apparent that it is needed – then when?

You can watch Huckabee Sanders react to the shooting below:

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