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This Is The WeekThat Is

"We are living through the first screwball presidency
in American history"
GOP strategist, Mike Murphy
Meet The Press, 3 December 2017
White Supremacy

It was the kind of week that can only produce ambivalence in anyone bothering to pay attention. On the one hand, you find yourself with your jaw dropped, totally incredulous that a country as great as this one is supposed to be could ever sink as low as it has. On the other hand, one is tempted to drop down to his or her knees in order to give thanks to fate for being allowed to bear witness to a freak show as utterly sick and as twisted as the rulers of Idiot Nation are producing on an hourly basis in order to satisfy the twisted amusement of their constituency. To paraphrase Dickens: These are the best of times; these are the worst of times.

The Donald is starting to see the handwriting on the wall. For someone who has never scored very high in the self-awareness department, this in a monumental moment to be sure. Mike Flynn is covering Bob Mueller's evidence table with a truckload of rancid beans he is spilling to the detriment of an administration that was self-destructing at the starting gate. As someone who has been studying this disgusting and corrupt mob of incompetence very closely four the better part of three years, the complete implosion was a foregone conclusion - in fact, it was predicted on this site many times before the inauguration. But even I was taken aback by the speed with which they hurled themselves - headfirst and smiling - into the proverbial toilet. If I hadn't seen it all with my own eyes, you would not have been able to convince me that it wasn't fiction....Cheep, tawdry fiction.

Trump needs to get out of town while the getting is good. His whole life he has been able to arrogantly thwart and pervert the rule of law, but those days are a distant and sweet memory. The Donald has never known fear for the simple reason that he didn't need to be even remotely acquainted with it. He was a part of a class of people who weren't obliged to play by the rules that you and I are obliged to play by. Those days are now a sweet and fading memory or him. By all accounts from what has to be the leakiest White House in the history of this republic, poor old Donald is becoming more-and-more untraveled with the passing of each day. It's not just his future that is in serious jeopardy, but the future of his children and his so-in-law! Will Jared Kurshner be forced by circumstances to "flip" on his in laws? This is gonna be oodles of fun to watch.

But the biggest laugh of the week came this morning on the installment of Meet The Press quoted at the top of this piece. Two sycophantic authors\of a new book on the president made a mercifully brief appearance. Their names have escaped me, but the title of their book sure as hell hasn't! It is called (WAIT FOR IT!): Let Trump Be Trump". One of these two knuckleheads - with a straight face, I swear! - explained to Chuck Todd that what the people need to understand about Donald Trump is that he is a perfectionist, and that he demands perfection from everyone around him!

If the collection of collection of imbeciles and scoundrels that comprise the administration of Donald Trump is anybody's idea of perfection, Heaven help them!
Also occurring yesterday was the passage to the GOP's new tax bill which will, in a matter of a few short years, is going to bring economic suffering into the homes of untold millions of Americans. More on that later.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY