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Watch Sean Spicer Turn Into A Babbling Idiot While Explaining Why Trump Ignored Yates’ Warning

Poor Sean Spicer. You could almost feel sorry for the guy if he hadn’t signed on for this voluntarily. Once again, he embarrassed himself during Tuesday’s press briefing while trying to defend our moron-in-chief.

As expected, he was repeatedly asked about Donald Trump’s decision to ignore the words of warning given to him by Sally Yates, the acting attorney general at the time, regarding Michael Flynn’s compromising Russian ties. Spicer proceeded to turn into a babbling idiot and make a complete fool of himself — again.

According to Spicer, Trump ignored Yates’ warning about hiring Michael Flynn as national security adviser because he considered her, the acting attorney general, to be “a political opponent of the President.” The press secretary added that she “is not exactly someone that was excited about President Trump taking office or his agenda.”

I think if you flip the scenario and say, what if we just dismissed somebody because a political opponent of the President had made an utterance, you would argue that it was pretty irrational to act in that manner,” Spicer said.

The Daily Caller’s Kaitlan Collins pointed out the stupidity of this argument. “How is she a political opponent of the President? She was the acting attorney general that he kept on,” she asked.

“Appointed by the Obama administration and a strong supporter of Clinton,” Spicer replied.

Politico’s Matthew Nussbaum picked up the topic again later in the briefing. “You said that Sally Yates was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton. What is that based on?” he asked.

“I think she’s made some, you know, I think it was widely rumored to play a large role in the Justice Department if Hillary Clinton had won,” Spicer said.

NBC News’ Hallie Jackson also asked Spicer about this monumentally stupid claim.

You said it was widely rumored that she wanted to be a part of the Clinton White House, potentially. And so that makes you negate her coming to the—” she started to say, when Spicer cut her off mid-sentence.

“No, I’m not — again, no, no, I guess my point is that somebody who is not — who clearly showed by the fact that career DOJ attorneys told her that the President’s lawful order — that she should sign the president’s lawful order, and then chose not to do it—” he began.

“That was after!” Jackson shot back.

“I get it,” Spicer said. “But that vindicates the President’s point, that this was not somebody who was looking out — I think my point is that we were correct in the assumptions that we made at the time.”

If you can stomach it, you can watch Sean Spicer make an ass out of himself during today’s press briefing here:

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