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WATCH: Republican Strategist Is Demoralized By Having To Constantly Defend Trump’s Childish Behavior

Another Republican has reached their breaking point.

On Sunday morning, Donald Trump embarrassed himself and the Republican Party once again on Twitter.

This time, it was a gif of Trump driving a golf ball into Hillary Clinton’s back to knock her down.

Basically, Trump promoted violence against women and against his former political opponent.

Americans across the country were outraged by Trump’s unpresidential behavior, and Republicans have had a difficult time defending it.

And that includes Republican strategist Christopher Metzler, who when asked to explain Trump’s behavior by Joy Reid on MSNBC and conceded that Trump’s behavior is just making Republicans look really bad.

“Chris, you’re a Republican strategist so I’m going to have to get you to explain,” Reid said. “Donald Trump is up early in the morning retweeting and tweeting out memes and gifs, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Do Republicans at this point just tune it out? Do they just not care anymore?”

Metzler attempted to explain but was too demoralized by Trump’s behavior to continue.

“Yeah, I think Republicans, in fact, do tune it out,” he admitted before addling, “They don’t actually care. The problem is for Republicans, is it starts to make us look like, oh, I don’t know, a band of idiots.”

Metzler went on to note that Trump is soon to be speaking to the United Nations and yet is acting like a toddler. In other words, he’s reminding the world that America is a joke before he even takes the stage.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Donald Trump’s childish behavior is getting harder and harder to defend, and many Republicans have decided not to do so anymore, leaving that job to only the most extreme Trump supporters. His behavior is also causing many Republicans to leave the party because being associated with the buffoon in the White House is not something to be proud of.

As Trump’s presidency continues, we are going to continue witnessing the Republican Party being dragged through the mud with him, and that will only make it easier for the American people to hand them crushing defeats in 2018 and 2020, especially if Republicans continue to support him.

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