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Watch This Little Girl Tell Some Jackass From InfoWars To F*ck Off (VIDEO)

Most of the time, when a child starts spewing profanity they get in trouble. This girl, however, deserves a medal for demonstrating a flawless response when you are approached by Trump ally Alex Jones’ show.

A random guy holding a microphone for the show approached her and asked “How are you young man” — a question seemingly intended to mock liberals for not knowing which sex someone in or whatever these morons are saying these days.

This girl simply didn’t give a f*ck. As soon as she noticed the idiot who just called her “young man” was from InfoWars, it was on.

“Um, you’re a f*cking idiot,” the girl told the piece of trash wearing an “Enjoy Nationalism” t-shirt.

“Wow, who taught you that language?” said the guy who works for Alex Jones and hears talk much worse than this on a regular basis.

“My mother,” the girl replied as she took an exaggerated lean in toward the microphone.

“So your mother taught you that foul language?” Nationalism guy asked.

“In the car,” the girl responded, seemingly shocked that he somehow didn’t realize she was f*cking with him. Then she just flipped off the Alex Jones crew and walked away like a motherf*cking boss.

You can watch it below:

Featured image via screengrab


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