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WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Will Unify The Country Then She Lashes Out At The Media

We’re not sure how White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway thinks that Donald Trump will unify the country after his daily attacks on the press, taking random shots at Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, and by holding numerous rallies in which he speaks only to his most ardent supporters.

On Sunday, Conway to tell host Abby Huntsman about how Trump’s handling of Hurricane Harvey will bring the country together. It’s worth noting that the former reality show star didn’t visit the in which he appeared to be doing a photo-op. While leaving a shelter, Trump told the crowd of homeless victims of the hurricane, “Have a good time everybody!”

The Fox & Friends host said that the “president’s not getting any criticism” for his trip to the water-soaked city.

“That’s what’s so significant here, that the president and first lady felt compelled to donate $1 million of their own money,” Conway said. “[They] felt compelled to visit twice, to really spend the time yesterday, engage people, look them in the eye.”

“This is the Donald Trump that so many of us know and are privileged to work with and to know very close and personal,” Conway said.

“We look at them as our brothers and sisters in need who are suffering,” she continued. “But this man is somebody who has always expressed the capacity and compassion for people in need.”

Conway then lashed out at the press, saying that “people in media” only have one response to Trump: “Attack, attack, attack.”

“They look so peevish and so small,” she said without one bit of irony. “People are saying he missed an opportunity to unify the country. They are doing exactly that here. And also getting people — meeting their needs of food water and shelter at the same time.”


“Let’s unify as a country beginning with the president,” Conway added.

Better idea: The Trump administration should reach out to everyone, not just his dwindling base, help the good people of Houston asap, and stop lashing out at his critics. Deal with it. When you’re a president, there will always be critics.

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