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WATCH: John Kasich Smacks Trump Down For His Continued Support Of Nazis After Charlottesville

Ohio Governor John Kasich just laid into Donald Trump for his continued support of white supremacists after the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Appearing on the Today Show, Kasich began by saying that Trump’s response to the tragedy in Virginia was “pathetic.” He then launched into an angry rant that left no question where the Ohio governor stands on this issue.

To not condemn these people who went there to carry out violence and to somehow draw equivalency to somebody else, reduces the ability to totally condemn these hate groups. The president has to totally condemn this. And this is not about winning an argument. This is about the fact that now the folks apparently are going to go other places. And they think they had a victory. There is no moral equivalency between the KKK, the neo-Nazis and anybody else. Anybody else is not the issue.”

Trump has chosen to go with the narrative that “many sides” are to blame for what happened in Charlottesville. Three times now he has told the American people this and each time he has pushed the claim that the left is at fault. Meanwhile, he doesn’t have shit to say about the white supremacists marching in the streets with torches giving Nazi salutes. After all, they had a permit, right?

Kasich was eventually asked what he thought Republicans in the White House should do at this point. The question seemed to catch the governor a little off guard and the response that popped out of his mouth was kind of amusing.

Well look, you know, I don’t work in the Trump White House. I didn’t endorse the man.”

Trump has made it clear where he stands. And now it is time for every other American, whether they are an elected official or not, to decide where they stand. There are only two choices this time. Either you stand with the Nazis or you don’t. Period. Kasich has clearly made his choice.

Watch the interview here:

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