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WATCH: Joe Scarborough WRECKS Morally Bankrupt Republicans For Taking Healthcare Away From Millions

House Republicans partied with Donald Trump to celebrate taking healthcare away from millions of Americans, and Joe Scarborough was NOT impressed.

In a desperate effort to give Trump the appearance of a legislative win, House Republicans failed to read their own bill nor did they wait for the CBO to score it.

The bill has no protections for people with pre-existing conditions and would strip healthcare away from over 20 million Americans, all while giving massive tax breaks to the wealthy.

As the bill was being passed, kegs of beer were being delivered to the Capitol so Republicans could drink to America’s impending lack of healthcare.

Trump even held a Rose Garden ceremony to celebrate the bill’s passage even though such ceremonies have never been held to celebrate passage through one half of Congress. The bill now heads to the Senate, where it will likely die unless Republicans decide to double down on being heartless pricks.

The fact that Republicans openly celebrated taking healthcare away from millions of Americans , who along with Mika Brzezinski, destroyed them on Twitter and television on Friday.

Scarborough began by slamming the utter lack of morality Republicans displayed on Thursday by passing the bill and celebrating it.

He and Mika continued to rip them a new one on Morning Joe.

Both hosts pointed out that Trump’s Rose Garden ceremony looked like a white men only event.

“Obviously, you have to be white and a male to be there,” Scarborough said.

Indeed, as Trump spoke at the ceremony a sea of giddy white guys stood behind him with pride at what they had just done.

“You can look at every one of those Republican leaders that were in Donald Trump’s background shot, serving as his stand-up that — basically his stand-ups for a prop — and every single one of those men — I just say men because,” Scarborough continued before Mika pointed out that there was a female Republican among the crowd who hung her head in disgrace.

“There’s a woman there, but she has her head down, smartly,” Brzezinski said. “She actually has a brain, she knows this is bad.”

Scarborough then lambasted the conservative members of the House for being hypocrites.

“Every one of those men standing by, I guarantee you, at one point, said, if you’re a conservative, you need to get a Congressional Budget Office score,” Scarborough continued before teaching Republicans how governing is supposed to work. “You need to know how much a bill costs, you need to know the impact of the bill, you have to actually read the bill.”

Scarborough concluded by taking note of the people Republicans voted to hurt.

This was about a press conference, but for tens of millions of Americans, many who voted for him, who are struggling to take care of their children, who are struggling to take care of their parents, who are struggling to take care of their grandparents, this really is an issue of life and death. And so many people that voted for this bill voted without reading the bill, voted without having a CBO score and voted without having any idea what impact it would have.”

Here’s the video via VidMe.

Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. They voted to kill millions of Americans on Thursday and then celebrated it. Even conservatives are angry at Republicans because the Affordable Care Act covers them, too. So by voting to kill it, Republicans voted to strip healthcare away from their own constituents.

This is a disgraceful moment in American history and the history of the Republican Party. This isn’t something to celebrate. This is something to mourn. Republicans are not “pro-life.” They’re pro-death. This vote proves it.

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