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WATCH: Hurricane Harvey Has Killed 50 People, But Joel Osteen Says Victims Should Take It As A Compliment From God

Shameless huckster Joel Osteen opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it again while preaching at his multi-million dollar church about Hurricane Harvey on Sunday.

As the hurricane and floods ravaged Houston, Texas and the surrounding area, Osteen closed the 16,000 seat church instead of immediately opening it up as a shelter for victims of the storm.

Only after heavy criticism and the fact that Muslim mosques had already opened their doors to anyone in need did Osteen finally open the doors. He would later go on television and blame the city of Houston for not asking him to open up the church as a shelter even though the Christian thing to do would have been to help people without an invitation.

The death toll now stands at 50, but Osteen is now and criticism after he talked about the hurricane during his latest Sunday sermon.

According to Osteen, people affected by Hurricane Harvey should “take it as a compliment” from God.

Yeah, you heard that right. If you lost your home and loved ones because of the storm you should thank God for complimenting you. Seriously.

“The reason it may seem like God is not waking up is not because he’s ignoring you, not because he’s uninterested, it’s because he knows you can handle it,” Osteen said. “Take it as a compliment.”

This little line of stupidity came after Osteen told a story about Jesus not waking up during a storm to help people on a boat because he knew they could handle it themselves. Of course, had those people drowned, Jesus would have felt like a total douchebag. And that’s the way Osteen should feel right now since 50 people died and thousands more are homeless.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Joel Osteen is a fake Christian who has gotten rich off of duping his congregants into believing that making him richer will result in wealth trickling down on them from God. Instead of wealth, however, all Osteen’s congregants received is a natural disaster. And Osteen has the gall to call it a “compliment.” Again, how can anybody actually believe that this monster is a human being, much less a Christian?

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