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WATCH: Fox Host Makes A** Of Himself By Comparing Confederate Statues To 9/11 Memorials

Comparing traitors and slave owners to 9/11 victims and American heroes is shameful and disgusting.

But that is exactly what Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade did on Monday morning on the anniversary of 9/11.

Donald Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke appeared on the program to discuss a 9/11 memorial dedicated to the Americans who died trying to retake Flight 93 over Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.

The passengers rushed the cockpit in a bid to take over the plane or bring it down to prevent another terrorist attack in Washington DC. Planes had already crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. These brave passengers were determined to make sure another attack would not happen, even if it meant sacrificing their own lives.

So it is fitting that a memorial would be placed at the site of the crash. Zinke rightfully referred to them as “American heroes” and held up Flight 93 as “an example of America sticking together.”

But Kilmeade decided to disgrace the memories of the dead by as if there is no difference between the two.

“Do you worry 100 years from now someone’s going to try to take that memorial down like they’re trying remake our memorials today?” Kilmeade asked.

And Zinke failed to call Kilmeade out for making a clear false equivalency.

“Well, I’m one that believes that, you know, we should learn from history,” Zinke replied. “And I think our monuments are a part of our country’s history. We can learn from it.”

Zinke then lamented that we don’t build a lot of statues of Jesus.

Here’s the video via Twitter.

Kilmeade’s attempt to compare Confederate statues to 9/11 memorials is outrageous.

Confederate statues were built during Jim Crow and again during the Civil Rights Movement as symbols to white supremacy and have remained symbols of hate to this day. Not even Robert E. Lee supported building such statues. These statues honor traitors who fought to tear America apart in defense of slavery.

The 9/11 memorials, on the other hand, actually honor true Americans who sacrificed their lives for their country and fellow citizens.

Even conservative website on Monday that a diverse group of passengers joined together to make sure Flight 93 did not hit the White House or the U.S. Capitol Building.

“The passengers and crew were a diverse cross section of human beings, running the gamut from U.S., Japanese and German nationals to African Americans and individuals from the LGBT community,” historian Christopher Kelly wrote.

Yet, Kilmeade is comparing the 9/11 memorial meant to honor that diverse group of courageous men and women to statues dedicated to the Confederacy, which wanted to keep African-Americans and anyone else considered “inferior” to the white race oppressed and enslaved.

The View host Whoopi Goldberg on Tuesday morning for his monumentally stupid comparison.

“Victims, 9/11. Perpetrators, Confederacy. You understand the difference?” Goldberg began. “When you see something that is put together to intimidate and that is celebrating a group of people who decided that they wanted to fight for their right to own slaves. I think it’s kind of––you can’t––it’s beyond apples and oranges. Get a book, read a book, crack a book, read something.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

What Kilmeade did is wrong and he should apologize for it. Fox News should be ashamed.

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