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WATCH: Fox Host Goes Full HYPOCRITE In Brutally Outlandish Attack On Democrats

Shrieking Fox News banshee Jeanine Pirro made a guest appearance on Fox & Friends on Friday morning and escalated the rhetoric against Democrats.

Not much time has passed since Republicans called for liberals to tone down their rhetoric against Donald Trump in the wake of Kathy Griffin posing with a Trump head. It’s been even less time since Republicans made the same complaint in the wake of the Congressional baseball shooting in which two Republican lawmakers were wounded.

Also, we’re not far removed from the eight years in which Republicans hurled the nastiest rhetoric and made threats of violence against President Obama.

Yet, Fox host Jeanine Pirro had the nerve to launch a slanderous and totally against Democrats during a technical issue on the program this morning.

While discussing the Georgia race, which was won by only five points by a Republican in a Republican-dominated district, Pirro remarked that “Americans are normal” again because the Republican won.

“I was starting to worry that with everyone yelling crazy stuff about the president, and blowing up the White House, all that stuff,” Pirro said. “I said, you know what, I wonder if America is the same as it was when I was growing up? And this sort of reaffirms my faith in the American electorate.”

Pirro was born in 1951. That means that while she was “growing up” a liberal Republican named Dwight Eisenhower was president doing things that today’s Republicans would obstruct. Furthermore, the next two presidents Pirro grew up with were Kennedy and Johnson, who continued to pass liberal achievements that kept the nation progressing toward a better future. You know, legislation that ended segregation and protected the civil rights and voting rights of black people, for example.

So, no, America is definitely NOT the same as it was when Pirro was a kid. Republicans are trying to reverse all that progress.

But that’s not all Pirro said during her appearance. After a video failed to play, Pirro decided to spew the kind of rhetoric that Republicans such as herself have been bitching about in recent weeks.

“They don’t have a message,” Pirro said about Democrats. “The only message is a message of hate. The Democratic party is a party of hate and destruction. And I think it’s anti-America, I really do. I’m sorry, when you talk about, you know, killing the president and doing this stuff that they have been doing, it’s disgusting!”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

That’s right. Pirro literally just accused Democrats of being anti-American because they oppose Donald Trump and his evil agenda. Seriously.

And this comes after eight years in which conservatives threatened to lynch America’s first black president and despite the fact that the Republican agenda is truly destructive because it strips healthcare from millions and allows corporations to pollute and rape our environment at will.

I don’t recall Pirro ever saying how “disgusting” the violent rhetoric from conservatives was over the last eight years.

Calling Democrats anti-American just because they won’t kiss Trump’s ass makes it pretty clear that Republicans think they are the only ones who are allowed to attack opposing political parties. For eight years, they obstructed President Obama, threatened him with violence and bloody revolt, and claimed he was illegitimate. Republicans continued all of this bullshit throughout the 2016 Election and not once did Pirro complain. In fact, she only piled on.

People like Jeanine Pirro should not be allowed to television. All she does is whine and launch vicious attacks that should get her sued for slander. If conservatives are really serious about cutting back on hate they should look in a mirror first.

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