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WATCH: Fox Host Calls America The ‘Least Racist Country In History’ To Back Trump’s Attack On NFL

This is definitely a facepalm moment.

In a desperate bid to support Donald Trump’s tirade against the NFL, Fox & Friends host that NFL players should stand during the national anthem because America is the least racist nation in human history.

“It’s infected the NFL and the NBA and now we see it happen in Major League Baseball,” Hegseth began. “Look at those 12 teams immediately putting out a statement calling the president’s statement divisive!”

Hegseth is referring to the statement Roger Goodell released on Saturday condemning Trump for calling NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick a “son of a bitch” during a speech in Alabama.

Kaepernick, along with other players, has been kneeling during the national anthem in protest of racial injustice, including police brutality.

Then Hegseth made the most ridiculous claim in a desperate effort to persuade players to stop kneeling.

I have to ask, what are we kneeling for at this point? Because you talk about social injustice, this is the least sexist, least racist, most free, most equal, most prosperous country in the history of humankind.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

First of all, we currently have a sexist asshole as president who is rolling back women’s rights every chance he gets. So America is definitely not the least sexist nation right now.

But claiming that America is the least racist nation in human history is laughable. Slavery was literally written into our Constitution in 1787 and slavery had been established in our country long before that. America would not abolish slavery until the 13th Amendment in 1865, and even then it took a Civil War for our country to finally do the right thing.

And even after 600,000 were killed in that war, the American South continued to be racist, establishing institutional racism across the region during Jim Crow. Segregation would continue for decades until the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act were passed in the 1960s. But racism did not end there. The Republican Party has been the party of white supremacists for decades now, and they continue to chip away at civil rights. The Supreme Court even weakened the Voting Rights Act.

Blacks not only suffer higher unemployment, they suffer police brutality and are more likely to be imprisoned.

And more to the point, several nations abolished slavery decades before the United States ever considered it. Britain abolished slavery in 1833. Again, it took a civil war to abolish slavery here. Other countries did not have that problem.

Racism in this country is worse now than it has been in many years, especially since Trump became president and started complimenting white supremacists and praising them as “fine people.”

Once again, Fox News gets caught lying to push Trump’s agenda. They are nothing more than a propaganda machine. They aren’t living in the same America as everyone else if they really believe that America is the least racist nation.

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