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WATCH: Cop Uses Appropriate (Just Kidding) Behavior When Ticketing Woman Holding Child

It’s truly a depressing moment when one can actually make a joke about law enforcement responding appropriately to a situation. However, over the past few years there have been enough high profile (and not so high profile) cases of police brutality that it’s become quite obvious that law enforcement in America needs a major overhauling. Unfortunately, police brutality is also a global issue.

While some countries have taken precautions and gone to special lengths to ensure that their officers have been trained properly to de-escalate situations, others are facing police brutality issues just as serious as the United States. A shocking, horrifying video from Shanghai, China has just emerged of a police officer arguing with a woman over a parking ticket, before immediately body slamming the small woman into the sidewalk. To make this incident even more terrifying, the woman was holding a toddler in her arms as this unnecessary attack happened.

In the short video, reported that the woman approached the officer regarding an illegal parking ticket he had given her. It didn’t take long for the cop to escalate the situation to completely overblown proportions. Fortunately, a bystander was able to get this officer’s actions on camera:

Right after the attack happened and the woman and child were laying on the concrete sidewalk, the bystander rushed to the victims. The woman had injuries to her face and neck, and the toddler had bruises on both arms. The mother and child were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

According to Shanghai police, the officer has been suspended pending investigation.

This incident should have never happened and demonstrates a gross abuse of power by law enforcement. Cops like this police officer do not belong on the street protecting citizens as they are a danger to the public themselves. Hopefully, this mother and child will be okay.

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