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WaPo Researcher THREATENED For Recording Kushner Co. Promising Green Cards To Wealthy Chinese


Jared Kushner has his own real estate company from which he supposedly divested when he decided to take a position in the White House as one of Trump’s advisers. His company is still going full throttle, though, which is raising eyebrows because of its questionable ethics. The company has been in China for a project in New Jersey, and offering green cards in return.

And some involved with that event seem to be worried about what the press will say in an in-depth story. Reporters from the Washington Post were sent out of an event in Shanghai, with one researcher saying that she was “harassed and threatened,” and worse:

Here’s on the incident:

Journalists were initially seated at the back of the ballroom, but as the presentations got underway, a public-relations representative asked The Washington Post to leave, saying the presence of foreign reporters threatened the “stability” of the event.

At one point, organizers grabbed a reporter’s phone and backpack to try to force that person to leave. Later, as investors started leaving the ballroom, organizers physically surrounded attendees to prevent them from giving interviews.

Asked why reporters were asked to leave, a PR person who declined to identify herself said simply, “This is not the story we want.”

“This is not the story we want.” What does that even mean? It sounds like this PR person is saying that the company drives their media narrative and they don’t want to deal with critical stories that could make them look bad. The Post is one of the papers that Trump has blasted as “fake,” although not nearly as often as he has CNN and The New York Times. The Post makes no mention of whether other American outlets were pushed out, too.

What the Kushner family is offering to Chinese investors is known as an EB-5 visa, or “investors visa.” This particular visa program was supposed to encourage wealthy foreigners to invest in U.S. projects that would create jobs and strengthen communities. Invest a certain amount of money, and you get the chance to apply for a green card.

But companies like Kushner’s are using it less for that and more to finance their flashy projects that don’t create very many jobs, let alone help grow communities. And the ethical questions surrounding this boil down to whether or not these investors want to jump on board because of Jared’s proximity to Donald Trump.

Can we say corruption?

Maybe the PR person didn’t want the Post reporting more details lest they shine yet another uncomfortable light on shady things that have to do with Trump.

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