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Wall Street Journal Agrees With Bob Corker That Trump Is A Child Who Needs Supervision

Donald Trump is going to throw a fit about this, which will only serve to prove the point.

Earlier this week, Trump threw a temper tantrum and attacked Republican Senator Bob Corker for criticizing him.

Corker quickly responded with a blistering takedown that has more likes than any of Trump’s tweets.

And that’s all Corker needed to say because Trump continued to attack for the next two days, thus proving that he’s a petulant child who needs adult supervision.

Again, Bob Corker doesn’t need to respond to these tweets because his original response is enough.

And even the Wall Street Journal, a publication that leans conservative, agrees with him.

In published on Monday, the paper agreed that Trump’s White House resembles an adult daycare center more than it does the office of the executive branch of our government.

Corker was expressing views that are widely held on Capitol Hill and even within the Trump Administration. These men and women support the President’s policies, or at least most of them, and they remain in their jobs for the good of the cause and country. What they fear, and want to contain, are the President’s lack of discipline, short fuse, narcissism and habit of treating even foreign heads of state as if they are Rosie O’Donnell.”

Yeah, that definitely ought to be enough to make Trump rage-tweet. It also ought to be enough to make Republicans seriously lean towards impeachment. America does not need a child in the White House. We need an adult. And Trump is clearly incapable of acting like an adult.

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